Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners: The Complete Guide 2017

Do you want to learn the exact Affiliate Marketing Tips that can increase the level of your blogging?

Do you want to monetize your blog with Affiliate Marketing?

I'm sure your answer will be Yes Yes I want.

But the problem is that you don't know that where to start​ & how to start with affiliate marketing?

So, Don't worry. Here, I'm going to give you a exact step by step affiliate marketing tips ​for those who just want to monetize their blog with Affiliate Marketing.

What you need for starting with affiliate marketing?

The very first thing that you need for starting with affiliate marketing is your website/blog.


Yes, A Website or a platform:

  • ​Where you'll promote other companies products.
  • On which people will come to read about your recommend product.
  • Through which people will know about you ( Who are you?) & about your work.

If you have already a website then it is Good but if not then you can read my this guide that how to start WordPress blog on Bluehost.

For starting a blog/website I would recommend WordPress & Bluehost.

WordPress is Free ( There is no charges for using this).

Bluehost is a web hosting service provider which comes with different different plans. But you can start your first new blog only at $3.45/month.​

​If you want to build a successful online business then you should start your own website or blog.

Yes, this is necessary. If your goal is long term and you want to run your online business for several years then it become necessary to build a website.

Affiliate Marketing Tips For Beginners in 2016

Choosing A Blog Niche:

No doubts, choosing a right blog niche is one of the most important part for any successful website or blog. Why?

Because your strategies, your blog growth, your income is totally depends on the niche.​

​Some people choose niche on the basis of their knowledge and on their passion. Yeah, It's good. If you have any knowledge to share with the world then it is good thing. 

And some people choose niche on the basis of money that how much money in that particular niche. ​If they found that particular niche profitable then they just start a blog around that niche.

But before choosing any niche you should consider following factors:

  • Is there any money in your selected niche? Yeah, means if nobody is going to pay you for your topic then what's the benefits of your business or blog.
  • Your niche is popular in the market or not? Means, if people love to read about your niche topic then it become easy to earn some good amount of money.
  • How much competition in your niche? Before choosing any niche just check it out that how many number of big fishes in that particular niche.
  • What type of problems people face in that niche? Yeah, It's good if you'll find out all these types of resources. 

Find Affiliate Program

After choosing niche the next step is to find the affiliate program that pay the good commission. Here, I'm giving you some points that you should consider during the selection of affiliate program.

  1. Always choose niche based affiliate program. Like if you are running a blog on single niche then never try to sell everything on your blog.​ For example: If you're running a WordPress niche blog then try to promote WordPress themes, Plugins related products.
  2. Before applying to any affiliate program firstly check their agreements and payment methods. Yeah, Both of this very important for running a good affiliate website.
  3. Before applying, firstly read some review about that particular affiliate program. Do proper research about the companies affiliate program.
  4. Check out the minimum payout limit. some merchant pay when you cross the limit of $50 or $100.

The next thing that comes into the affiliate program is that how to apply for affiliate program?

​You can apply for affiliate program by two ways- Through merchant official website and second one Through some affiliate network website.

Through Merchant Official Website:

Open Google Search engine. and just type your company name + affiliate program.​

Like, If I want to apply for Thrive theme affiliate program then what to do.
Just write simple queries in the search engine like that

Thrive themes + affiliate
Thrive themes + affiliate program
Thrive themes + affiliate product

thrive theme affiliate program

Then the very first link that you'll see is the link of affiliate program. Then just click on this link and apply for program.

Through Some Affiliate Network:

​For applying through Network website, Firstly you have to join that particular network and after that just search for product either by their name or by their category. and just apply for that program.

There are some best affiliate network that you can join today for starting with affiliate program.

ShareAsale, Clickbank,,​

Write Content For Affiliate Product:

​There may be different different strategies for promoting an affiliate product but promoting with content writing is still one of the best and most powerful ways.

By content writing you can tell the visitor that why that particular product is beneficial for them. Why they should buy that product. ​

Before writing any content about the product just keep in mind these few points:

  1. Try to promote only those product about which you've personal experience or you're personally using.
  2. If you are going to write some review of products then write in-depth review. Never write just product features, try to give the reason that why that particular product is beneficial. 
  3. Write some How-to post, problem solving post of product. Try to provide complete guide that how that particular product can solve their problems.
  4. If product is complex and big then try to write more post about them rather than just review post.

You can read this post for more information that how to write the review:review of Thrive Content Builder.

Build Authority

​No matter either you choose one affiliate product or multiple products, either you write one article or multiple articles but without Authority setup you can't sell any single one product.

Yes, Online authority is one and only one thing that you should consider if you're going to build your online business.​

Online authority is nothing. It's just a trust factors that how much your visitors trust on you. ​

How you can build your own authority blog?

​Just follow these points and it may help you to build your own authority blog.

  • Try to run your blog on single niche. Never try to write about multiple niche on single blog.
  • Write in-depth articles, case studies, full researched content on your blog.
  • Make a relationship with your competitor, with other bloggers in your niche.
  • Optimized your content for both user and search engine.
  • If you have no personal experience with any product then don't try to sell those product.
  • Always use your real face pic on your blog, on about page, on social media profile. Yes, face value play a major role for building an authority.

These are the very few points that you can consider during your blog building.

Recommend guide for building online authority website:

Promotion or Marketing:

​Last one but not least in affiliate marketing tips is promotion. Yes, Blog promotion is one of the best thing for building online authority, for increasing sales, for increasing blog traffic.

Without traffic you can't get profit from your blog. If no one is reading your blog then how you'll sell those affiliate product.

For selling a product you need a customers, visitors. And for attracting those visitors you should promote your blog by search engine & by social media.

For getting a traffic from search engine, do proper optimization of your content. 

For getting a traffic from social media- share your blog post on different different platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google-plus, share image on Pinterest. Solve other people problems on Quora, reddit, online forums etc.​

My Personal Opinions

Affiliate marketing is not an one night rich formula. Yeah, if you're thinking like that you can make a millions of dollars in one night then you're wrong. Nobody can do that.​

But it is possible with time & patience. Yes, You can make a huge money with affiliate marketing but for this you have to do lots of hard work, you have to invest lots of time in this.​

Firstly focus on building your online authority, write some very good in-depth articles and try to attract visitors, try to increase your subscriber and then promote some good product on your blog.

You can monetize your blog from the first day, but my personal thinking is that if no one knows about you, no one trust on you then what's the benefits of blog monetization. That is why I'm saying that first build your online authority.

Now it's your turn that how you'll build your blog and authority.

These are my best Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners. Hope so, You like this post.​

So, What you think that online authority is necessary for earning a good money or not. Share your views with me.​

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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