Best WordPress Hosting Provider: Recommended By 28 Expert

I was little bit confused while I started my first WordPress blog. WHY?
Because, I wanted to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for ME!

But What to choose & how to choose?​ That were the most challenging and confusing questions for me.

And actually not only for me, All WordPress bloggers either they are beginners or they are expert. They always feels confusion whenever they decide to change their web host.​ WHY?

Let's see:

Just try to search for "best WordPress Hosting Provider in 2017" OR "Best Shared Hosting For WordPress". After every search What you'll get?
A lots of Companies names & their Ads, Lots of Recommendation, Lots of reviews. Just Like that:

Best Web host search result

After lots of search queries, The confusion is still remain in mind. So, How you'll select the best blog host?

How you'll know which one will be the best for your business?​

Still Confused?​


Don't Worry, Today I'm going to give you a 28 expert recommendation ( Their personal choice ) of best WordPress hosting provider for both beginners and advanced bloggers at one place.

​Here, You'll find which one web host they are recommending and why?

I'm sure after reading this post you can easily decide which one to choose for your website/blog.​

​For this expert roundup I picked the 35 Expert and out of 35 expert I got the response of 27 expert.

28 Expert Are Sharing Their Best #WordPress #Hosting Provider For #Beginners & Advanced #Bloggers

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I asked the very simple question to each expert:

"If you have to suggest Best WordPress Hosting provider for beginners ( for their first blog) And for well established bloggers (Expert) then what'll be the name?"

​And I'm very happy after getting the response. They shared their recommended  best blog host with me.

Let's find out the best WordPress hosting provider from most voted to less voted ( Expert Votes).

Top 10 For Beginners

  1. Bluehost (8 Votes)
  2. SiteGround (7 Votes)
  3. Hostgator (6 Votes)
  4. A2 Hosting (2 Vote)
  5. Site5 (1 Votes)
  6. Krystal (1 Vote)
  7. Synthesis ( 1 Vote)
  8. Knownhost (1 vote)
  9. Dreamhost (1 vote)
  10. Godaddy (2 Vote)

Top 10 For Well Established Blogger (High Traffic Blog)

  1. Traffic Planet Hosting (8 Votes)
  2. Digital Ocean (3 Votes)
  3. Bluehost (2 Votes)
  4. Siteground (2 Votes)
  5. Liquid Web (2 Votes)
  6. Synthesis (2 Votes)
  7. WP Engine ( 1 Vote)
  8. Kinsta ( 2 Vote)
  9. A2 Hosting (1 Vote)
  10. Godaddy (2 vote)

According to expert recommendation:

If you're a beginners and just want to start a blog then Bluhost, Siteground is the best choice for you.​

If you're a well established bloggers and want to move your blog to next level then Traffic Planet Hosting, Digital Ocean is the best choice for you.​

Now, just read what expert are saying about their best blog host And after that don't forget to read my personal recommendation for beginners and advanced bloggers. 

28 Expert are sharing their Best WordPress hosting Provider​ in 2017


Gael Breton |

Gael Breton Recommendation

For Beginners: Siteground 

For Advanced Bloggers if website is under 100,000 monthly visitors: Traffic Planet Hosting

For More Advanced Bloggers: If website getting 500,000+ visits/month: Digital Ocean​

Before you chose a hosting provider, think about what you want from it. Usually, the #1 thing is to make sure your site is up at all times and that tech does not get on the way of your creativity.

For newbies: there are plenty of options but I would say the best prices / most featured offer probably comes from Siteground. Their servers are decent if you offload them with Cloudflare and they have some cool features providers like bluehost and hostgator (their direct competitors) don't have yet such as the free let's encrypt SSL or the staging area for your site. Plus it's based on Cpanel which is good to learn for newbies as many hosting companies use them.

For advanced bloggers: it really depends on your traffic levels. If your site is under 100,000 monthly visitors, I really like traffic planet hosting for their tech sound support and all the extra services and speed they provide. If like us you have sites getting 500,000+ visits/month, you will want to host your site on dedicated servers, in that realm, we chose to go with Digital Ocean for price and performance based's structure (they keep our server architecture up to date).


Kulwant Nagi |

Kulwant Nagi Recommendation: 

For Beginners: Siteground

For Advanced Bloggers: Digital Ocean​

Choosing a stable web host is really a tough task these days. Earlier HostGator used to be a good option, but now they are not perfect. For a newbie I can recommend SiteGround hosting. They have very fast and stable servers.

For the experts, I would extremely recommend DigitalOcean. They are very fast SSD servers and very highly stable too.

Loz James Recommendation:

For Beginners: Bluehost

For Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting


Matthew Allen |

Matthew Allen Recommendation:

For Beginners: Bluehost

For Advanced Bloggers: WP Engine​

Based on my personal experience - I do have suggestions for hosting providers, both for beginners and for more experienced 'experts' when it comes to blogging. For beginners, my recommendation is the same as so many others - Bluehost! There are many reasons I recommend and promote Bluehost.

For the more experienced blogger (somebody who is already making decent money) I highly recommend WP Engine. They are a 'managed WordPress hosting provider,' which means that they manage most of the back-end stuff for you (speed, security, backups, etc.) so you only have to worry about content, layout, promotion and so on. WP Engine is expensive compared to other hosting providers - but I have found them to be worth every penny.


Zac Johnson |

Zac Johnson Recommendation:

For Beginners: Hostgator OR A Small Orange.

For Advanced Bloggers: Synthesis Hosting

Through my "How to Start a Blog" guide, I've walked thousands of site owners and bloggers through the process of starting their own sites. I usually recommend A Small Orange or HostGator, as these are two of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for anyone starting out. Anyone can get started with a site of their own for under $5 a month and not need to worry about the "geeky" details of hosting or needing to worry about upgrading to higher and more costly solutions.

I also recommend Synthesis Hosting for much higher traffic and technical sites. I am currently hosting sites with all of these solutions.


Harleena Singh |

Harleena Singh Recommendation:

For Beginners: Hostgator OR Siteground

For Advanced Bloggers: Digital Ocean OR Linode.​

I started with Hostgator and it was good initially so that I would recommend for beginners, for their first blog. Siteground too is okay to some extent.

But for experts and those who have a big blog - you need to be on a VPS like Digital Ocean or Linode.


Anil Agarwal |

Anil Agarwal Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting

Picking the RIGHT hosting service is crucial for your blogs. If you're not using the right hosting, it will cost you a lot of time and money in the future.Recently, my blog got hacked and some of the links & pages were redirected to another website. It was hosted on HostGator at that time so I asked their support staff to fix it. And guess what happened? They didn't resolve my issue. Then, I decided to move to Traffic Planet hosting (a better choice) from HostGator. All in all, this ONE experience costed me a lot of money. That's why I highly recommend YOU to pick the right hosting choice that's reliable, affordable and more importantly customer friendly.


Jeff Goins |

Jeff Goins Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Bluehost


Al-Amin Kabir |

Al-Amin Recommendation:

For Beginners & Medium Bloggers: Siteground​

The best web hosting choice for most bloggers is SiteGround. One of the key reasons why they're my top choice for smaller-to-medium sites is that they have a top-notch support department which is always ready to answer all kinds of questions. Not all bloggers are technically very adept, so this premium support is definitely a plus point for the users

Brain Recommendation:

For Beginners: Bluehost OR Hostgator

For Advanced Bloggers: Liquid Web OR Rackspace.​

A lot of people use Bluehost and Hostgator for new blogs and websites and that's generally who we recommend. For high traffic bloggers, look into Liquid Web or Rackspace.


karl kangur |

karl Kangur Recommendation:

For Beginners: Siteground​

For Advanced Bloggers: WiredTree​

For beginners (or small sites) I'd recommend SiteGround - they're quick, cheap, super reliable and have the best support. I've never seen a complaint about them in my life.

For bigger websites, I'd recommend WiredTree. They're a tad pricy and don't have fancy things like live chat, but have got amazing support, SSD-powered servers and what not. In my 5 years with them, I've had about 15 minutes of downtime per year for updates and upgrades, which they kept reminding me about for over six months!


John Chow |

John Chow Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Hostgator​

My blog is powered by WordPress and hosted by HostGator. They offer many different hosting plans, including WordPress hosting. They are my recommended webhost.


Enstine Muki |

Enstine Muki Recommendation:

For Beginners: Hostgator.

For Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting​

The Webhosting industry has really grown so wild in recent years and there are topand reliable companies here and there. However, this cannot be without some downtimes.

For a start, I think Hostgator is reliable. For a new blog with less than 500 daily readers, I think you won't run into so much difficulty hosting with them.

But as your traffic grows, you'll need more dedicated hosting services for your WordPress site. While Hostgator still has resources for a growing blog, I recommended checking out Traffic Planet Hosting


Ashley Faulkes |

Ashley Recommendation:

For Beginners: Siteground OR A2 Hosting.

For Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting.

When you are starting out with your first blog or online business choosing your ideal web hosting company can be tough. Over the years I have used a whole bunch of them, and these days when ask for a name there are only a few that I recommend. If you are a complete beginner, or have a strict budget, then I suggest either Siteground or A2 Hosting. Both have reasonable packages, great support and reliability. I use them both for a number of website either for clients or other purposes.

For Mad Lemmings, by business website, speed is crucial. That is why I have decided to go with Traffic Planet. They offer amazing speed at a reasonable price, even for someone not wanting to spend a lot of money. The only downside with Traffic Planet is that their support is all online, so if you need to talk to someone directly, stick with the other hosting companies I mentioned.


Harsh Agrawal |

Harsh agrawal Recommendation:

For Beginners: Bluehost OR Siteground Or

For Advanced Bloggers: Kinsta Hosting​

For Beginners a shared hosting is good. I can recommend Bluehost, SiteGround &

For Experts: Kinsta Hosting is the best. They are top of the line & complete value for money. I pay $350/month & its one of the best decision I have made in recent times.

Tung Tran Recommendation:

Best for beginners and low traffic websites: Site5

best for high traffic sites: Traffic Planet Hosting.


Barry dunlop |

Barry dunlop Recommendation:

For Beginners: Hostgator OR Justhost

For Advanced Bloggers: Liquid web

For beginners, the most important thing is to get started. It is possible to spend too much time researching the best host - rather than getting started. Fortunately in 2017 their are lots of reliable hosts - just make sure it is a financially sound company. Two that we like are: Hostgator and Justhost.

Later on - when looking for a dedicated server - we really like Liquid web.

russell lobo

Russell Lobo |

Russell lobo recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Bluehost

Having a robust WordPress Hosting provider which has an excellent uptime and is fast is very important for any website. In addition to that, cost too is a consideration.

The best WordPress Hosting provider in my opinion is Bluehost. They give you per month plans and you get hundreds of discount coupons (you just have to Google it) and it has excellent uptime and has a fast page load time.

Ryan Biddulph Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Krystal Hosting.

For both beginners and experts I suggest Krystal Hosting for housing your WordPress blog. This UK-based company has been my preferred hosting company out of the 2 hosters I've used since I've been online.I applaud their customer service, my blog stays up virtually all of the time and they don't overload servers like some big box, well known hosting providers who offer cheap rates but poor speed and up time.Expect to pay a slight premium compared to the cheapie providers out there but it's definitely worth it.

Jordan Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: A2 hosting​

For both beginners and experts, I recommend A-2 Hosting. For beginners, all of the basic applications are there like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Shopping carts are included for eCommerce websites as well. The popular cPanel is used for shared hosting accounts as well.


Chris Makara |

Chris Makara Recommendation: KnownHost

For the most part, most established hosts will be serviceable to 99% of all bloggers. When you are first starting out, there's really not much need to go all out and get a VPS or dedicated server. Most shared hosting accounts will be sufficient.

However, you will want to be aware of other sites on that server as you won't want your new domain to be associated with some shady sites that could have a negative impact on your SEO efforts.Once your site has grown (or if you can afford it), I would recommend at least getting your own IP address or a VPS server which will provide you a little more flexibility if you need it. I've used a handful of hosts over the past 10+ years, but for the last few I have used KnownHost for my sites as well as my clients. Their prices are reasonable (have options/plans for everyone) and their support is top notch.


Pauline cabrera |

Pauline cabrera Recommendation:

​For Beginners: Bluehost OR GoDaddy

For Advanced Bloggers: Servaxnet​

I would say BlueHost or GoDaddy for beginners. They’re both reliable and helpful! As for the well established bloggers, I recommend Servaxnet! I’ve been with them for several years now. Very helpful and very knowledgable! They can easily fix almost every problem I have.

Harris Recommendation: Synthesis

Personally, I like Synthesis for WordPress hosting. It is super secure, has daily backups, and is extremely reasonable on price. Their website is really easy to use and customer service is top notch. I've never experienced downtime and have never has security issues. They're specifically versed in WordPress and the Genesis framework and I'd suggest it for both small and large sites.

Kimsea Sok Recommendation:

For Beginners & Advanced Bloggers: Siteground

There is nothing different between the experts and the beginners as all need a quality hosting service for their business. I heard majority of bloggers recommend starting a new blog with beginners hosting package, but I don’t.It’s your own decision. Do you want to start a blog as a beginner or an expert? Think... if you’re a company, will spend $100 to sponsora non-expert blogger’s blog? Of course. You don’t. You must look for a professional blog because you’re expecting the high return on investment.Trust me. Do not start a blog as a beginner, but a professional blogger.

You must plan a budget for buying a quality hosting service, and recommending business package.I didn’t have so many experiences with hosting service providers, but have went through several of them such as IPage, HostGator, SiteGround, and DigitalOcean. I’m stuck with IPage hence please go away from this provider. The other three are great, but lets me explain something about those service providers.

You can have 1GB VPS hosting with only $10 a month, but please go away from this provider unless you have knowledge and experience with managing Linuxserver without CPanel. HostGator is also great. I can 3 second average loading speed for my heavy BuddyPress community blog, but what I don’t like of this hosting is it seems not to be working with W3 Total Cache plugin. Even I tried many times to configure the plugin, I didn’t get much better.So, the recommendation would be SiteGround hosting. I tested my BuddyPress blog and found it is much better than others.


Swadin Agarwal |

Swadin Agarwal Recommendation:

For Beginners: Dreamhost (50% OFF)

For Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting OR Kinsta Hosting​

For beginners, I would suggest dreamhost. It is better than most in that range plus I have many sites hosted in its shared hosting plan so I know it works.For really big blogs, I don’t know, it depends on their needs, Traffic Planet is what I am hearing good things about. Others are kinsta hosting.


Marry Fernandez |

Mary Fernandez Recommendation: GoDaddy

I've used InMotion, which is great quality, but I recently switched over to GoDaddy's managed WordPress hosting, which I love so far and it's very affordable for a beginner.


Minuca Elena |

Minuca Elena Recommendation: GoDaddy

I use Godaddy for my site. I took it because it is an international brand and has good uptime. It gives you great bandwidth and you can be assured that the servers have good speed.Though I am in Romania, I got a USA server with them which helped in ranking for keywords to the US audience

Robin Recommendation

For Beginners: Bluehost

For Advanced Bloggers: Traffic Planet Hosting​

I'm using Bluehost from the very first day of my blogging. And my personal experience with Bluehost is very good. 

Bluehost may be the best option for every beginners.

If you're the one who just want to start their first new blog then don't need to be think about too much. Just choose shared hosting plan from Bluehost or Siteground AND start your blog. For a beginner, Shared hosting is more than enough.

And if you're getting a tons of traffic on your website/blog then you should move your blog from shared hosting to some VPS or dedicated server. For that you can choose Traffic Planet Hosting.​

​Over To You:

Before reading this post, You was confused about what to choose. But now, I'm sure you have no more confusion in your mind. You have to select one from two or three hosting provider.

FOR BEGINNERS: You have to select from Bluehost, Siteground, Hostgator. No need to think about other hosting providers.

FOR ADVANCED BLOGGERS: You have to select from Traffic Planet Hosting, Digital Ocean.

Just choose your best WordPress hosting provider according to your requirement. And start your blogging life.

Here, is a top WordPress hosting provider according to expert choice.

Top 10 For Beginners

  1. Bluehost (8 Votes)
  2. SiteGround (7 Votes)
  3. Hostgator (6 Votes)
  4. A2 Hosting (2 Vote)
  5. Site5 (1 Votes)
  6. Krystal (1 Vote)
  7. Synthesis ( 1 Vote)
  8. Knownhost (1 vote)
  9. Dreamhost (1 vote)
  10. Godaddy (2 Vote)

Top 10 For Well Established Blogger (High Traffic Blog)

  1. Traffic Planet Hosting (8 Votes)
  2. Digital Ocean (3 Votes)
  3. Bluehost (2 Votes)
  4. Siteground (2 Votes)
  5. Liquid Web (2 Votes)
  6. Synthesis (2 Votes)
  7. WP Engine ( 1 Vote)
  8. Kinsta ( 2 Vote)
  9. A2 Hosting (1 Vote)
  10. Godaddy (2 vote)

A very Big thanks to all expert who contributed to the roundup post. If you like this post then don't forget to share this with your friends and followers. Share your good and bad experiences of Web hosting.

  • Updated May 12, 2017
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