5 Best WordPress optin plugins:Get More Subscribers

How to make a successful blog or business?

That's the important question and almost everybody wants to get the answer of this question & I'm sure you also want to know more about this. 

Do you know what's the most important thing for building a successful blog?


The answer is your email list.​

Yes, I'm not saying anything wrong. Email list is one of the most important and simplest thing for building any successful online business and for growing your blog.​

Can you imagine that how Bryan Harris made $10000 in just 24 hours from the launching of first product? Yes, With the help of email list subscriber.

​Just read out this guide where 7 experts share their thoughts that why email building is one of the most important things in any online business or on blog.

​It's totally depends on your business plan that what you'll do for building an email list or what you'll provide to your subscriber if they join your list.

Whatever your plan, but for executing your plan successfully you need a email subscription plugin. Without this you can't achieve your target.

​Because email subscription plugin will help you to collect email address of your visitors. From that you can make your blog successful.


So Today, I'm going to give you a best WordPress subscription plugins by using these plugin you can really improve your business or any blog.

Best WordPress Optin Plugins 2017

​Thrive Leads ( My Favorite):

thrive leads

Thrive leads is one of my most recommended tools for those who really want to increase their email subscriber.

No doubt, that this plugin is the best list building plugins for WordPress lovers.

By using this plugin you can create as many as optin forms on your blog like if you want to add pop up optin, sidebar optin, scroll popup optin or anything else. 

Thrive leads is a fully drag & drop WordPress optin plugin ​that means you can create your own custom design optin forms.

But, If you can not design your own template then don't worry thrive leads comes with lots of pre-built template. You can use these if you want.

In Thrive leads plugin you can also check the result of each optin form, which optin form is more useful for you.


  • ​Drag & Drop editor.
  • Can build target based optin forms.
  • A/B testing feature.
  • Popup box.
  • Sticky ribbon.
  • In-line forms
  • 2 step optin forms.
  • full screen optin.
  • Content locker.
  • Scroll mat.
  • Pre-built template.
  • Support multiple email service providers.
  • Provide shortcodes.

​Price: $67 ( Lifetime Updates)



​SumoMe is another good plugin and specially for those who want to use some best free WordPress mailing list plugin.

SumoMe comes with both free and premium version. If you just want to start building your email list then you can use their free version but if you want something more then you can buy their premium version.

In sumoMe you can create welcome Mat optin, popup optin, scroll box, smart bar.

Welcome mat page will open when the user come to your website. This is a great way for attracting a new subscriber. Smart bar will show on the top/bottom of the page. In this you can place either some call to action, Facebook like, twitter follow or email subscription like I'm using call to action on the bottom of page.

scroll box is another one great feature of sumoMe. This box will open when the user scroll down the page near the bottom.


  • ​Support Multiple User Account.
  • Mobile Sharing Setting.
  • Fast loading time.
  • A/B Design.
  • Close Remainder.
  • Support Multiple Email Service Provider.
  • Support Various Social Network.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Heat Map.
  • Image Share.
  • Social Share.

SumoMe is not only an email subscription plugin but it's more than that. You'll get a lots of other features in this single plugin.

Price: Free​


​No doubt, OptinMonster is one of the most popular WordPress optin pluings. They provides multiple types of optin forms like popup, slides-in, floating bars, sidebars and much more.

In OptinMonster you can also design your own custom design optin forms because it's also a drag & drop builder plugin. You don't need any technical knowledge for designing any optin forms. Anyone can easily design their own optin form.

​OptinMonster is not only a WordPress plugin you can also use this plugin on HTML page Website.


  • ​A/B testing.
  • Monster effect.
  • In-line forms.
  • Add data-driven sidebar.
  • Scroll box.
  • Notification bar.
  • Full Screen Welcome Gate Optin.
  • 2-Step optin Technology.
  • Popup optin.

Price: $9/Month OR ($49/Year)

Bloom Email Optin plugin for WordPress:

bloom wordpress optin plugins

Bloom is another good WordPress optin plugins from elegant themes. If you're the one who want to use optin forms in various places like with in content, after post, sidebar widget, popup then you can use this plugin.

Bloom is a premium WordPress subscription plugin. Bloom comes in $89. But in $89,you'll get an access of all the product of elegant themes like their all themes, Monarch Social media plugin & bloom.

So, If you want to get more product with subscription plugin then you can buy bloom optin plugin.


  • ​Timed delay in popup and fly-ins optin.
  • Bottom of post.
  • Fully customizable optin.
  • Unlimited color option.
  • A/B testing.
  • Support Multiple Email Service Provider.
  • 6 different display type.

Price: $89 (Get access to all themes, Monarch Social Media plugin, Bloom)

Popup Domination:

​If you really love to popup optin forms then this plugin may be the best solution for you. 

In Popup Domination plugin you can create as many as popup optin with very beautiful design. You don't need to do anything in popup domination. No technical knowledge required.

Popup domination is a premium plugin comes with different different plan. Just find your requirement and select their particular plan.

​Popup Domination comes with lots of handy option which makes it very powerful Subscription plugin in WordPress.


  • Fast & Responsive Plugin.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Support every web platform.
  • You can use on unlimited website.
  • Exit popups.
  • Yes or No theme.
  • Countdown Themes.
  • Support Multiple Popup on single page.
  • No Upgrade required.
  • Live Chat Support.

Price: $9/Month

How to Choose Best One WordPress optin plugins:

There is always a tough task for user to select best one. In this post, I have mentioned 5 best WordPress optin forms plugin but you can't choose all of these plugins for your website or blog.

Just look at your business plan and find which one thing important for you. And find which type of optin you want to use on your blog.

​My personal Recommendation: If you want to use some Premium lead Generation plugin then Thrive Leads is one of the best plugin. Just give a chance to this plugin and I'm sure you'll love this plugin after buying. 

But if you want to use some Free plugin then I recommend you SumoMe Plugin. No doubt.​

Over To You:

It's totally depend on you that which plugin you want to use on your blog. Just find your requirement and buy anyone out of these 5 plugin.

So which plugin you're going to buy for your blog? Share your views with me.

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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