23 Best WordPress Social Sharing Plugin in 2017

If I ask you the names of best WordPress social sharing plugin then what you'll say and how'll decide that which can be better for a blog.

There are lots of social sharing plugin in the WordPress directory but you can't use all of them on your blog & you can't say all of those are best.

Because If some plugins are good in quality then I must say that some plugin can break your blog also.​

So, How you'll choose?

But, Just imagine that after 5 minutes you're going to know about lots of best WordPress social sharing plugin. 


Yes, Today I'm going to give you a best WordPress social sharing plugin— In this list some are free and some are paid.


So, choose according to your requirement and make your blog more shareable.

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Free/paid WordPress Social sharing plugin:

Jetpack social media plugin:


Jetpack is one of the most popular and most demanding WordPress social media plugins in the WordPress directory. And Actually, Not only a plugin but it is a collection of plugins. After installation you will get a huge number of features in just this single one plugin.

After installation of Jetpack, you can easily access each function by using Jetpack Dashboard. Each and every option of the jetpack is just like ON/OFF button.


· Photon — by using this feature you can optimize your blog speed.

· Stats — this features show the statistics of a blog.

· Manage — by using this feature you can manage the multiple sites from one place.

· Protect — by using this feature you can protect your login page.

· Sharing — provides a sharing button.

· Related post - by using this feature you can show related post after the content.

· Mobile friendly — by using this feature you can make your site mobile friendly.

· Post by Email.

· Spelling and grammar check.

· VaultPress

These are the few features. But after downloading this plugin you will see a more options.

AccessPress Social Icons (Free & paid):

accesspress plugin

AccessPress is another good WordPress Social sharing plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily increase social sharing of your blog post. AcessPress social media plugin comes in both versions- free and paid.

In the free version, you can access Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, email & print button.

But if you want to access all another social icon then you have to buy this plugin.


· Comes with 12 different icon sets.

· You can use icon anywhere like header, footer, in the content area and in the widget.

· can make your own layout

· Fully responsive

· Auto updates on all APIs.

· Cache setting.

· Social share count.

· Free Updates.

Price: $22​

Social media feather:

social media feather

This plugin is very simple and lightweight plugin. By using this plugin, you can place social icon either before post, after post, in a widget or also in a custom post. This plugin provides almost all social media icons in their free package.

Social media feather WordPress plugin also provide shortcodes. With the help of this shortcodes, you can place any social follow and share icon at any position in the post.


· Provides all social platform icon.

· Social sharing and the following widget.

· Fast and responsive.

· You can place an icon on all post and pages.

· comes with default modern set.

Simple share button adder:

simple share button

Very lightweight plugin. This plugin includes simple share button to post, page and custom post. If you want to use just share button then this plugin is best for you.


· You can use a custom image for share button.

· Can be used before and after post left side or right side of a post.

· Lightweight button.

· Include all social sharing button like Facebook, Twitter, google plus, Reddit etc.

Slick social share button:

slick social share

Slick social share button adds Facebook, twitter, google+1, LinkedIn, Digg, buffer etc. You can customize the location of a button like a type, location, animation speed, default skin etc.


· Offers almost all social networking platform.

· You can place these button on the homepage, post, page, custom post.

· You can change the size of a button.

· You can choose the animation and animation speed.

· Provide shortcode.

· Social statistics.

Digg Digg Alternative:

digg digg alternative

If you're a Digg Digg plugin lover then I'm sure you love this plugin also. This plugin can be a good alternative of Digg Digg. Everything is same as in the Digg Digg but the number of social network is limited in this plugin.  You can show only a 6 network.


· 6 social sharing button – Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, email, StumbleUpon, Reddit.

. You can easily change the position of social share bar according to your page width.

· There is no horizontal option to place this bar.

. Fast & Responsive Social Media plugin.​

WP social sharing:

wp social sharing

This plugin provides a very responsive design of social button. And also lightweight plugins. WP social sharing plugin provides an option whether you want to load CSS/js or not. If your screen size is less than 480px then this social button will converted into social share icon.


· Social share button – Facebook, twitter, google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest

· You can use the custom text of a button.

· Responsive design.

· Provide shortcode of a button.

Social Share button by AddToAny

addtoany share button

​Another good and free WordPress social sharing plugin. If you're going to use AddToAny social share button then you'll get a lots of option, lot of design for social icons.

In this plugin you can show the share counter with each social icon. You can change the design of social icons. AddToAny plugin provides you more than 100 social networks. ​


. Floating share buttons.

. SVG icons.

. Share counter.​

. custom placement.

. Analytics Integration.

. WordPress optimized.​


monarch social media plugin

If you want to buy any premium WordPress social media plugin then Monarch is the best option. This plugin designs by Elegant theme. Monarch plugin provide 20 Social Networks. Monarch WordPress social sharing plugin is fully responsive in design. No matter, what’s your screen size it automatically adjust their icons.

Monarch Social media plugin provides a dashboard from that you can easily configure the setting and can easily track the activity of a user on social icons means that how many shares you are getting per week, per month etc.

Monarch plugin provides both shares and follows social media icon. By using this plugin, you can also place an social icon on images.


· Add sharing button in 5 different location – Floating Sidebar, Above & below post, On image & video, Automatic Pop-Up, Automatic Fly-in

· 6 Automatic Pop-Up and Fly-in triggers.

· Build and display social sharing.

· Choose button size, a text of the button.

· Show the count of Social Followers and likes.

· Responsive design

· Lightweight plugin

· Provide separate dashboard

· you can Check Statistics.



This plugin comes in free and premium version. In the free version, you can include only Facebook, twitter and subscription option. But you can add a more social button by buying some add-Ons. This plugin is also lightweight and responsive design plugin.

You can place social media icon at your favorite position either it is above content, below content or at both places.


· Show a total count of social likes and share.

· Provide shortcode.

· High performance.

· You can enable and disable counts.

· Highly customizable.

Ultimate Social Deux:

ultimate social deux

If you want to use fully customizable and user-friendly WordPress social sharing plugin then this plugin is the best option for you. This plugin is also a responsive and lightweight plugin which never slow down your blog or site.

Ultimate social Deux social media plugin provides 25+ social buttons, 22+ Fan counters, 20+ display locations, Shortcodes etc.


· This plugin provides almost all social network buttons.

· Compatible with Woo Commerce and E-commerce plugins.

· you can show the count of social likes and sharing.

· Support multi-languages.

· Provide widget for placing share button in sidebar or Footer.

Sumo Me:

WordPress social sharing plugin

More than social media plugin. Actually, Social icons are just their one features among all of other. SumoMe is a complete package tool.

In SumoMe, you can use google analytics, Scroll box, Image share, Content analytics, Smart Bar, Contact form and much more.

If you are using SumoMe then you will get all of this features in just one package. But SomeMe also comes in two version– free and paid. Some features are available in free version and all other major features in their paid version.

To use this tool, Just download and make an account on their website and use all features which can make your blog more shareable and more profitable.


· Almost all major social media icons.

· Placement options for social icons.

· Mobile friendly.

· Can show and hide number of share counts.

. Provides lots of position for placing icons.​

Easy Social Share buttons:

easy social share button

Easy Social share buttons plugin comes with very handy features. Which makes it more powerful and beautiful plugin.

In this plugin, you can show your number of share, lots of position for placing button like above content, below content, left/right on the page. Easy Social share button plugin provides you 40 major social network & 31 template of buttons.

If you want to use something creative plugin then this plugin may be the solution for you. Apart from social this plugin also provides you analytics of sharing, social metrics, Post views number, Facebook comments.


. Drag & Drop arrangement.

. 22 display position.​

. Automatic button trigers.

. Lots of button style.

. Responsive design.

. Multiple counter position.

. Subs​cribe button.

. Follower counter.

. Native social button.

. Shareable Quotes.

Social Fans:

social fans

This plugin is best for those who want to show the number of followers on blog.

Social Fans plugin comes with responsive design with lots of social network icons.

This plugin also provides various position for placing icons like above content, below content, left/right of page.


. Light-weight Plugin

. Responsive design.

. 30 social network.

. Automatic social API integration.

. subscriber counter/ follower counter.

Social Buzz WordPress plugin:

social buzz

​Simple and sweet WordPress social sharing plugin. Social Buzz WordPress plugin provides the graph with each post. That will show the popularity of post in the social media. 

By using this features you can easily show your social sharing graph to the reader. This is great feature of this plugin.

Social Buzz plugin support the multiple browser that means there is no matter on which browser you are reading a page this plugin always work perfectly.


. Multiple social icons.

. Share Graph.

​. Light weight and responsive design. 

. 3 built in style.

. work for post, pages, custom post.​

Cresta Social Share counter:

cresta social share counter

As you can identified this plugin by this name. Yes, This plugin is simple social sharing counter plugin. 

By using this plugin you can easy show the number of share of each individual platform.​


. 5 social platform.

. social counter.

. 9 button style.

. Fade animation.

. Floating social button.​

. shortcodes.​

Share button by AddThis:

share button by addthis

Another simple and sweet plugin in WordPress directory. This plugin comes in both version (Free & Premium). If you're a beginner then you can use free version of this plugin.

In this plugin, you can choose the position that means where you want to show the buttons like homepage, Blog page, category page and much more.


. Above and below content.

​. several style and sizes.

. share counter.

. You can fix the number of buttons.

. Responsive design.

Social Share & Locker Pro WordPress plugin:

social share locker pro

If you are the one who want to increase social sharing number and want to increase social referral traffic then this plugin may be the best solution for your project.

By using this plugin you can lock some portion of content. And if your reader want to read that content then they have to share your post. Otherwise they can't read your that content portion.

So, this is a great way to increase social sharing. This plugin comes with 100+ social network, 50+ predefined template.


​. 44 sharing button. 

. can customized the locking features.

. Responsive design.

. 10 Special themes.

. Multiple social display.

. 8 custom locker theme.​

. social follow button.

WP flat social profile block:

wp flat social profile

If you are the one who just want to use some social follow button on website/blog. Then you can use this plugin.

Very simple plugin. By using this plugin you can also show your follower counter to your reader. You can use upto 6 social network.​

Sossy- Social profile and social counter:


Sossy is one of the beautiful social counter plugin. By using this plugin you can easily show the number of followers & social sharing.

Sossy provides a unlimited number of social network, shortcodes, drag & drop social ordering features.


​. Lightweight/ Responsive Plugin.

. 12 social media + RSS count.

. Easy to Customizable.

. You can set cache time to reduce the load time.

. Profile description.​

Simple Social Icons:

simple social icons

If you're running your blog on Genesis then this plugin is best for you. Simple and beautiful plugin.

No need for any customization in this plugin. You can show lots of social network on your blog. But if you want to do some customization then you can change the color of icons, Hover color, background color and much more.

Keep in mind that this plugin is not a sharing plugin, this plugin provides follows button.​

Ultimate Social media Icon Plus:


​Another free and good plugin. In this plugin you can use upto 200+ social network can also upload custom icons.

You can choose the position of icons like above post, below post, left/right.

If you want to show social icon on home page next to blog post then you can also do that.


. 16 predefined template.

. counter to show social number.

. pop up option for increasing social sharing.

. Multiple action to one icon.​

Social Warfare:


​Last but not least. Yes, Social warfare is really awesome plugin for increasing social sharing.

If you want to use some creative social icons on your blog/website then this plugin is best for you. By using this plugin you can show sharing counting for each social platform.

This plugin also provides various locations to place icons on blog.


. Fast and responsive Plugin.

. Custom Tweets.

. Pinterest Images.

. Twitter cards.

. Social proofs.

. Shareable quotes.

. Popular posts.

. shortcodes.

. Content protection.

. Analytics integration​

Over To You:

Here, I tried to give you a best WordPress social media plugin. As I'm said in the beginning that there are lots of plugin but to find out the best one is little bit tricky task.

If you want to know about my recommendation out of all of these plugins:

Free WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

  1. JetPack
  2. SumoMe

Premium WordPress Social Sharing Plugin

  1. Social Warfare ($24/year)
  2. Monarch ($89/year)
  3. Ultimate Social Deux ($15)

All of these plugins are really good in performance and in functionality.

So, which plugin you like most? Have you any experiences with any of these plugins. If you like this post then don't feel shy to share this post with your friends and followers.​

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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