Best WordPress Theme Provider in 2017: Recommended By 28 Expert

Do you Want to choose Best WordPress theme provider?

Yes, I want best WordPress theme from one of the top WordPress theme provider.​

Okay. But, How'll choose?​

Because, As you know that there are lots of theme provider in the market and finding the best WordPress theme provider is one of the most difficult task for newbie.


Because, It's very difficult for newbie to understand the pros & cons of theme. They just look the graphic design, beautiful images of the theme and then they decide to buy that particular theme.​

But what they feel after buying theme?

After using theme they feel that this theme is not a search engine optimized theme, Lots of error in their code structure, May be not responsive, slow page loading speed and lots of other factors that they see in their theme.

And after that they again search for new WordPress theme and without doing proper research on theme they again buy one another ​theme. 

By continuously doing this, they waste their lots of money & time.​

And I think it's normal process, almost every beginners face the same situation in the starting of their blogging career. I'm also the one who buy lots of theme in the starting.

But with time, I realized that this is not good for my blog growth.

You have to find the best one and after buying that theme you should run your blog on that theme.​

So, Before buying any theme do proper research on theme, write down your requirement and check that this theme is doing your requirement fulfill or not.​

There are lots of factors that you should be consider before buying any theme like theme loading speed, SEO optimization, Design layout (Responsive or not), Security check, coding standard and much more. 


Are you still in confusion about WordPress themes?

Don't Worry.​

Today,I'm going to share best WordPress theme provider in 2016 recommended by 28 expert. ​Rather than to explore one by one theme provider over internet, find out what expert are saying.

Hope so after reading this post you can easily decide which one theme will be best for you.​

For this roundup post I picked the 40 expert ​and out of 40 I got the response of 27 expert.

28 expert are sharing their best #WordPress #themes provider in 2016.

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I asked the very simple question to each expert:

"If you have to suggest two Best WordPress theme providers then what'll be the name?"

After getting the response of expert, I'm very happy. And I'm sure you'll also feel happy after reading this complete post. 

Now, Let's check the top WordPress themes providers most voted to less voted ( expert votes).

  1. Genesis Framework (13 Votes)
  2. Thrive Themes (12 Votes)
  3. mythemeshop Themes (10 Votes)
  4. Themeforest Marketplace (7 Votes)
  5. Elegant Themes (3 Votes)
  6. Array Themes (2 Votes)
  7. Theme junkie Themes (2 Votes)
  8. Graph Themes (1 Vote)
  9. Fancy Themes (1 Vote)
  10. Theme Grill Themes (1 Vote)
  11. WPExplorer Themes (1 Vote)
  12. Themify Themes (1 Vote)
  13. Hybrid Themes (1 Vote)
  14. ThemeExpert (1 Vote)

So, According to expert votes, 5 Best WordPress theme provider is Genesis, Thrive, mythemeshop, Themeforest (Marketplace), Elegant themes.

Except Elegant themes, I have personal experience with these 4 themes provider. Currently, my blog is running on Thrive Themes.

Now, Just read what expert are saying about these best WordPress theme provider and after that my personal recommendation and my personal point of view about WP theme provider. ​

Best WordPress Theme Provider in 2016-2017: 28 Expert Choices​


Nile Flores |

Nile Flores Recommend: Genesis Framework

I don't have 2 themes that I recommend. I only recommend 1, and that is the Genesis framework by StudioPress. It's a really stable framework, works well with all of my plugins, has made great improvements with accessibility, it's not stuffed with umpteen theme options, the design is responsive, and above all, it's helped to streamline a lot of my work with my clientele.

You can work with some page builders and utilize shortcodes plugins if you're not code savvy. I've not turned to any other theme since taking up using Genesis since 2011.


Al-Amin Kabir |

Al-Amin Kabir Recommend: Thrive Themes AND ThemeExpert

​As a blogger, I need WordPress theme that has a clean layout with a lot of customization options. I prefer themes that has been conversion focused, and with tasted layout.

Keeping my requirements in mind, 2 of the best theme providers are:



Thrive Themes: Built in landing pages with tested layout and design, Focus Areas for High Conversions.

ThemeExpert: Very clean layout for themes, Clean code and SEO Optimized, Prompt support.


Minuca Elena |

Minuca Elena Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Thrive Themes

My favorite WordPress theme is the one I'm using on my blog, Showcase Pro on Genesis Framework. The theme allows you to customize it however you want. You can change the colors, the background images, upload your own logo, include different widgets. It gives you many options and it's mobile responsive. Your blog will look great on every browser, device, no matter the screen size.

I also like Thrive Themes. Both themes are very robust and have an amazing list of child themes and plugins. They have drag and drop functionalities and working on them is very easy. They have a professional feel and even as a beginner in WordPress, you can use them and your site looks professional. Also, they have an amazing support service.


Nirmala |

Nirmala Recommend: Genesis Framework AND mythemeshop

​I would suggest MyThemeShop and Genesis Framework for the dedicated bloggers to perform well.

MyThemeShop - Fast loading themes that boast unlimited color and background choices. It has comprehensive video tutorials and good customer support as well.

Genesis Framework - Well coded themes with in-built SEO features like


Nikhil Saini |

​When someone asks me for the best theme provider, I will suggest only 2 names.

1. Mythemeshop

2. Thrive Themes

Mythemeshop: All the themes from the MTS are lightweight and easy to customize. You will get lots of options in the MTS themes so won’t need to install extra plugins. All the MTS themes are SEO friendly.

Thrive Themes: I am using Focus Thrive Theme on my blog. The layout of these themes is really very clean and attractive. You can easily convert them into a business website. You can also use the Thrive content builder to create beautiful landing pages, which are used as sales pages. Moreover, thrive also offers many inbuilt features that make itself more useful and user friendly.

Krishna Recommend: mythemeshop AND Themeforest

​They'll be Mythemeshop because of their Schema theme and Themeforest because of their great collection!

Nikhil Recommend: mythemeshop AND Thrive Themes

I will recommend webmasters to go for :

Thrive Themes - Because it delivers conversion based WordPress themes. And it's very easier to build a high converting landing page with Thrive Themes without spending a penny. Thrive themes come with various options which make it look professional and compelling to users.

MyThemeShop - I am an affiliate of MyThemeShop since last 3 years so I know the love of people for MyThemeShop. I have made a good revenue from MyThemeShop because people love their themes. I am a user of MyThemeShop too. And what I found the best was MyThemeShop offers light weight WordPress Themes with ultimate customer support.

Deepak Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Thrive Themes

​Genesis & Thrive Themes are the best WordPress theme provider, as of now. Genesis themes are highly SEO optimized. Loads fast, HTML5 Built, and easy to navigate.

On The other hand, Thrive Themes are just next level thing. Light weight themes, easy to navigate, gorgeous looking, and highly customizable. I've personally used both brands & still using them. But when it comes to branding & high-customization I prefer choosing Thrive Themes over Genesis.


Devesh Sharma |

Devesh Recommend: Fancy Themes AND Array Themes.

​I'd say Fancy Themes and Array Themes. I might be a bit biased but I think Fancy Themes have some really nice themes. They are a new theme shop but so far have some amazing themes (including some free ones).

Array Themes, because Mike McAlister puts a lot of focus on design and code quality of the theme, and has some of the nicest themes on the planet.


Ron Stefanski |

Ron Recommend: Thrive Themes AND Theme Forest

​The absolute best theme provider I've come across is Thrive Themes. The reason for this is aside from the themes being very easy to use and flexible, they have a full suite of other add-ons that integrate with the themes that allow you to successfully create an online business. The themes are great, but the tools they provide with the themes make them the best out there.

The other theme provider I personally like (and one that is good for those on a budget) is Theme Forest. I'm a big fan of this marketplace because it has very low-priced theme (as low as $10) for every type of website. If you don't want to customize a all-in-one theme, this is a great option to get a website up quickly.

ansh gupta

Ansh Gupta |

Ansh Gupta Recommend: mythemeshop AND Theme-Junkie

​I would take the name of Mythemeshop and Theme-Junkie here. Reason being, All their themes are well coded with latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards, properly SEO optimized, and fast to load. As a developer, I find the coding and functions of their themes very easy to customize for my customers.

Additionally, the prices are also reasonable (low if I can say) as compared to other theme providers.

robin khokhar

Robin Khokhar |

Robin khokhar Recommend: mythemeshop AND Theme grill

​The two WordPress theme providers that I will suggest to the others are:

MyThemeShop: The reason that I am suggesting this is because they provide very good themes at affordable prices. And even their free themes are worth using. And their free and Paid Plugins are also good.

Theme grill: They are not that good like my Theme Shop But worth mentioning. I am using one of their themes on my blog and hadn't face any difficulty using it till now. I get regular updates with the theme.


Leslie Bogaerts |

Leslie Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Elegant Themes

​When someone asks me what my favorite theme provider is, my answer is always the same: Studiopress. I love the diversity of their themes, the fact that their theme frame and child themes are well-coded and that there is a large community that is willing to help others.I never look at other themes.

However, in the past I have used Elegant Themes and have been very happy with them too. They have a wide variety of themes too, and their main benefit is that you can have access to all of them and their updates for one yearly fee.


Dhiraj Das |

Dhiraj Das Recommend: Elegant Themes AND mythemeshop Themes

​If I have to suggest two best WordPress theme provider, I would go with the following two options.

Elegant Themes: One of the oldest players in the market, Elegant Themes is known for their flagship product Divi which is one of the most successful and widely used WordPress themes. They have a couple of amazing plugins as well like the Bloom email subscription plugin and the Monarch social media management plugin. The best part is that if you for their developer's plan you get access to 87 themes and all their plugins. You will have a very strong team to support you whenever you come across any issue with your site, and the team takes security very seriously. So, your site will be in good hands.

MyThemeShop: I have been using MyThemeShop products for a long time now and I am a huge fan of their products because they create really quick themes which are very important these days. Also, they make sure that all their themes are all coded and SEO friendly. They also have a great support team to handle your issues as well as customization related queries to a huge extent.

Akshay Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Thrive Themes

​Thrive themes: I love Thrive products mainly because of their focus on conversions and speed. There are a handful of good themes that are conversion friendly. But the Thrive themes is the best of them. You can edit your theme greatly without any coding experience in the case of Thrive themes. Thrive themes combined with the Thrive Content Builder is a great blogging experience. Blogging will be never same as before.

Genesis themes: Studiopress is the most popular themes marketplace. Well-known for the clean code,and SEO options it provides, it is known as the best theme for SEO. The only two downside of the theme is that the lack of customizable feature and you need to have coding knowledge to edit the child theme so as to match your needs.Earlier I was using this theme on my blog. But later I shifted to Thrive themes.

Santanu Recommend: mythemeshop AND Genesis Framework

​It took quite some time for me to settle down with the best premium WordPress theme provider. So far I have used StudioPress themes, Theme Junkie, MythemeShop themes for my various blogs. Even I have spent money for building custom design theme as well.

If I have to recommend two among them, I will vote for mythemeshop & Studiopress themes without any doubt. Here is my reason why I choose them as best WordPress theme provider.

Mythemeshop just provides so many features and easy customize settings like SEO settings, page speed improvement, various ad placement hooks, Clean and Well documented codes, Woocommerce Ready, Highly Customizable options without touching the code, active support forum and many more features. And more over, their themes are very cheap indeed. I have purchased many of their themes @ $19 only.

On the other hand StudioPress is one of the most popular theme providers for them who love elegant design or custom made themes for their blogs. Personally I prefer Genesis child themes for blogging niche websites. StudioPress themes are very clean, fast loading, minimalist design and SEO optimized. There are many Studiopress developers out there who can easily design any kind of website you are looking for using Genesis framework.


Bishal Biswas |

Bishal Biswas Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Custom Themes.

​I believe every site has got it's own taste and demand which is why all I prefer getting custom theme developed.Costs higher, but worth investment.

Apart from custom themes, I love using Genesis Framework for it's minimal interface.


Karan Bhardwaj |

Karan Bhardwaj Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Themeforest

​Most of the bloggers always prefer content and SEO but if I need to put my points in this post of your blog, then I can say that Themes are the first thing which should be unique and user friendly because if you call your audience and land them on your blog but your blog is not user friendly and hard to read your articles and hard to find another thing on your blog then what is the use of good content and good SEO. I strongly recommend you to go for good looking and responsive theme so your audience can access your blog more frequently and easily.

For my blogs I use Genesis and Themeforest platforms to choose themes, both of these platforms are paid, but both are best in their field. You will never face any issue with them. So I strongly recommend you to go for them only because there are plenty of providers, but most of them are hard to compete with them.

Genesis: This platform works with two things a Framework and a Child theme, both them collaborate to run your blog or website. The developers of Genesis mainly focus on SEO and fewer codes so your blog will run smoothly always. Most of the top bloggers in the world love to have their blogs in Genesis because it runs smooth and most important thing is all the child themes are user-friendly.

Themeforest: This platform is the most promising platform to provide paid and valuable themes. You can find best themes under different categories, so if you are choosing different platforms to run your blog like with Joomla, etc. or you want to work with WordPress, then you will find thousands of themes out there.

Rakesh Recommend: mythemeshop AND Hybrid Themes

​Though there are a lots of wonderful theme developers are out there but it is not possible to check the quality of their code before any purchase. SO based on my personal experience i can recommed these two theme developers to my audience. The two best theme providers according to me is

1. Justin Tedlok and their hybrid themes as we are already aware about justin and their contribution to WordPress community besides that these are their own developed WordPress themes so you are 100% sure about the quality of code and its functionality.

2. Namit kashyap and his mythemeshop : I was exposed to my themeshop 2 years when i was struggling to embed affiliate system on my own WordPress theme then I saw the most amazing WordPress themes on his website. All of them were coded beautifully for a specific purpose.

Manidipa Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Theme Junkie

​There are couple of things to consider, while deciding upon a theme. No doubt, design plays the key role, as everyone has personal preference how the website template should be. Also responsiveness, speed and SEO optimized are other key features. It may take several iterations to fix upon a design.

There are many theme providers who are offering excellent templates in an affordable pricing. Personally, I have used themes from StudioPress, MyThemeshop, ThemeJunkie and ThemeForest.

However, if I have to choose two among them, then they would be StudioPress and Theme Junkie. StudioPress is the most popular theme providers in the market, who provides responsive and SEO optimized themes with minimalist design. StudioPress themes are easily customizable, which makes them one of the favorite among WordPress theme developers.

The latter one, Theme Junkie, is a well-known theme provider, who are in the market for years. Their themes are gorgeous and eye-catchy. The variety they have to offer, is truly commendable. Whatever your niche is, ThemeJunkie has a theme for that.


Aigars silkalns |

Aigars silkalns Recommend: Elegant Themes AND ThemeForest

​My top theme stores are Elegant Themes and ThemeForest. I like Elegant Themes for their two flagship themes called Divi and Extra. Both are used by tens of thousands of websites, therefore, are well tested.

Themes are regularly updated and always brings great features and tweaks. However, other themes from Elegant Themes are abandoned and are loosely updated but Divi and Extra themes are enough to make this store worth it.

ThemeForest is not a theme provider but rather marketplace. But I still very much like it because it has a tight code and design quality review in place, therefore, you can expect only the best themes to get listed for sale. Other marketplaces and theme stores have literally no quality control and many themes are average at best. Themeforest does eliminate poor quality themes and you can be sure that you are getting the best that there is.


Karan Chopra |

Karan Chopra Recommend: ​WPExplorer AND Themify Themes.

The reason for both of them is that they got 1. Excellent Themes, 2. Amazing Support.


Md Hamim Mondal |

Md Hamim Mondal Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Thrive Themes

​From first day of blogging I use genesis theme on almost all of my blogs Because of fast loading and SEO friendly features. But now my two favorite themes are genesis theme and thrive themes. I have used enormous number of theme provider themes. Like- elegant themes, theme-junkie , tesla themes, mythemeshop, themeforest etc. But I never saw fastest theme like genesis and the best conversion focused theme like thrive themes.


Anuradha Chawla |

Anuradha Recommend: Theme Forest

​With so many WordPress themes in the market, narrowing down the one that will give you the most bang for their buck can be a challenge. Two best WordPress Themes I personally recommend are Avada and X Themes.

Avada is the number one bestselling WordPress theme on the mega-popular Theme Forest marketplace. Avada is a true multipurpose theme that can be used to create any website. Whether you need an online portfolio, a site for your offline business, or a busy content-rich news site. Avada proposes to present you with all you could probability need. Fusion Builder, pre-built templates, Avada shortcode, are some of the features. Anyone can fall in love with them. You get access to a wide selection of pre-built demo websites also that can be applied to your WordPress site in just a several clicks.

I have been using Avada for my WordPress blog ( since the day one of my blogging. This journey of over six months has been an excellent experience. I am still with Avada, and I am still enjoying it. I am impressed with the support arrangement which Avada gives. The documentation, knowledge base and video tutorials are there to assist Avada users. If all of these fail to answer your query, you can submit a ticket and ask your question. It is a super-customisable and responsive theme that can be used in a variety of manners.

Kimsea SOK Recommend: Thrive Theme AND Theme Forest

​People think that choosing a great theme for blog is only for a better design of the blog, but they’re wrong. Choosing a right WordPress theme for your business blog is a significant important as you might need to pay for additional stuffs to make your theme full function. As you can see, I’m using KLEO theme for my both blogs. I first selected the theme because it’s best for BuddyPress community blog, however, it is more than what I want. KLEO theme compatible with many plugins such as MembershipPro, WooCommerce, and others. It makes me full capacity to customize and develop this theme for many business purpose.

The most I love about KLEO theme is it came with content building plugin which allows to create wonder landing or capture page. As you knew, it’s the most important for doing business in content marketing generation.

The alternative is ThriveTheme. I don’t have much experience with this WordPress theme, but enough to share you here. The most I love about this theme is it came with many function related to email marketing and lead building. With the theme, you will have many wonderful capture page templates and option forms, and what is more, the A/B testing function is included with Thrive Theme.


 Yogita Aggarwal |

Yogita Recommend: Mythemeshop AND ThemeForest

​Here my first suggestion is MyThemeShop. I am using their themes from a long time. For buyers here is quick tip - Subscribe to their website and they will send you discount updates. I purchased a $60 theme in $19, 2 years back.

Also you can check ThemeForest, they have a huge collection and offer good customization options.

preet sandhu

Preet Sandhu |

Preet Sandhu Recommend: Thrive Themes

​My all time favourite theme is thrive themes. For all the WordPress lovers it is one of the best WordPress theme provider in the market. I like their products just because they deal in quality themes. They have only 10 themes and each & every theme is fully functional. But, still it's difficult for me to choose one amongst them. I suggest the readers to go for this amazing theme if you want to use clean & responsive design on your blog if want to make an authority blog.


Swadhin agarwal |

Swadhin Agarwal Recommend: Genesis Framework AND Thrive Themes

​For theme provider, I have two choices thrive themes and Studiopress. I mean they are fast, clean coded, and conversion optimized. You won’t need any other theme provider.

Robin Recommend: Thrive Themes AND Genesis Framework

In past, I used lots of themes on my this blog and on other blogs. And Believe me, if you are serious about your online business/blog then you should consider about your website design.

And for that you can choose from Thrive Themes, Genesis Framework.

For more information​ about themes read below.

1. Thrive Themes:

​​My heart wining theme provider. Yeah, Thrive themes is one of the best WordPress theme provider in the market for WordPress lovers. They don't believe on the quantity, but they believe on quality.

Thrive themes has developed only 10 themes and each & every theme is fully functional.

Currently, I'm also using Thrive theme my blog. And my personal experience with this theme is mind blowing. ​I have never face any issue with this theme.

If you want to use clean & responsive design on your blog and want to make an authority blog then you should give a chance to Thrive Themes.

The Most popular theme from Thrive themes is Focus Blog & Rise theme. You have to pay only $49 dollars for buying any theme. In this price money you'll get one year support and unlimited updates.​

Recently, I have published a detailed review of Thrive theme.

With themes they also sell Other products like Thrive Content Builder ( Read Review), Thrive Leads. And Believe me each and every product of thrive theme is awesome.​​

Genesis Framework Themes:

​My Second Best WordPress theme provider. If you are the one who want to use own custom design theme then you can choose Genesis Framework.

​Genesis Framework comes with lots of inbuilt features which makes it different from other theme provider like inbuilt SEO setting, light weight coding, fast loading time & best support team.

​The one thing that I like most about Genesis Framework is that it's very easy to customized the Genesis theme. If you know little about Coding then you'll never face any issues in theme customization.

Yeah, It's also true that if you are a beginner or any non technical person then you can get a little problem in customization.

​But apart from this, I don't find even any single point that I don't like about Genesis.

Genesis Framework comes in around $60. In this price you'll get only a Genesis Framework without any child theme. But for giving a stunning look to your blog you have to purchase a one genesis child theme.

​If cost is a issue for you then you can buy only a genesis framework without any child theme from this link.

The most popular and my favorite Genesis child themes is Magazine pro ( for news & magazine ​type website/blog), Foodie Pro (For food type of blog), Altitude Pro ( for Business type blog).


I have personal experience with the mythemeshop themes. I personally used newonline, moneyflow, video ( For different project), ecommerce (For different project) theme. 

But as you know that each and every person has different requirement for their project. So, with time I realized that these themes is not doing work according to my requirement.

S​o, I just switch my blog from mythemeshop to Thrive Themes

I'm using Thrive themes from more than one year. But yeah, It's also true that mythemeshop is also my best WordPress theme provider.

They provide 122 products. Out of 122 products 101 themes and 21 plugins.

​Each and every theme is fully functional and comes with lots of features like SEO optimized, Adsense ready, Speed Optimized and much more.

My favorite themes from mythemeshop is SociallyViral, Schema, Newspaper, SocialMe.​

elegant Themes:

If you want to use something creative and high quality theme then no doubt elegant themes is one of the best in this category.

Each and every theme of elegant comes with lots of advanced features which makes it different from other theme provider. And one thing that I like most about elegant themes is that you will get all themes in just one price.

Yes, In $69 you'll get access to all the themes for one year. In this price you can choose any theme for any number of times without any limitation. ​

Final Words

Quick result of expert votes.

  1. Genesis Framework (13 Votes)
  2. Thrive Themes (12 Votes)
  3. mythemeshop Themes (10 Votes)
  4. Themeforest Marketplace (7 Votes)
  5. Elegant Themes (3 Votes)
  6. Array Themes (2 Votes)
  7. Theme junkie Themes (2 Votes)
  8. Graph Themes (1 Vote)
  9. Fancy Themes (1 Vote)
  10. Theme Grill Themes (1 Vote)
  11. WPExplorer Themes (1 Vote)
  12. Themify Themes (1 Vote)
  13. Hybrid Themes (1 Vote)
  14. ThemeExpert (1 Vote)

Choose your Best theme provider and give stunning look to your blog. But keep in mind, Blog design is not enough. You should implement other strategies and do hard work for growing a blog.

A very big thanks to all expert who contributed to the roundup post. ​

top 5 WordPress Hosting Provider: Recommended By 28 Expert​

So Which one is your best WordPress theme provider? And If you like this post then don't forget to share this with your friends and followers.

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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