How To Start WordPress Blog On Bluehost

Today, I'm going to give you a complete guide on how to start WordPress blog on Bluehost within a 5 minutes. Yes, It'll take only few minutes.

If you ask me the name of one platform that can change your blogging habit, your blogging lifestyle, can improve your blogging performance then only one name comes to my mind and the name of that platform is WordPress.

start wordpress blog

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms to start a blog or any website. Everyday, thousand of new blogs are started on WordPress. And because you are reading this post then I’m sure that you also going to start WordPress blog. So, Congratulation in advance.

​Here, I'll not only help you to setup your Self-hosted WordPress blog but I'll give you a very deep security breach points and performance point.


Just follow my this guide and start your money making blog with in very few penny. ​

For starting a new blog firstly, you'll need only two things:

1. Domain: The name of your website/blog.

2. Server: The location on which your website/blog will be host.

And for both of these (domain, Host) I want to recommend Bluehost.

Recently, I published an expert roundup post on Best Hosting provider and believe me almost everybody is recommending Bluehost for beginners. If you want more information then you read from here.

If you want to know my personal recommendation then I'll strongly recommend  Bluehost for your new blog. Just read out few points that why I'm saying Bluehost is best for you:

  • ​On Bluehost you can start WordPress blog within a few minutes. Yes, Just in few minutes. Bluehost provide one click WordPress installation.
  • In Bluehost there is no need to pay for domain. Yes, You'll get a domain name in Free with out any cost.
  • Bluehost provide 24/7  technical support.
  • If you choose Bluehost then you have to pay only for hosting. There is no any hidden fees in their plan. You can start your first WordPress blog at just $3.95/month.
  • Bluehost provide 30 days money back guarantee that means if you return their package with in 30 days then you'll get your full money.

​If you have any doubt regarding Bluehost & about their plan then you can send me an email anytime. I'll help you.

So, Now click here to start the journey of How To Start WordPress Blog On Bluehost.

Start WordPress Blog Step By Step Guide

​For setting up WordPress blog, I'm going to divide a whole process into 4 milestones so that process becomes easy and friendly for you.

  1. Choose A Hosting Plan.
  2. Register A New Domain Name.
  3. Install WordPress On Your Server.
  4. Install Your First Themes & Necessary Plugins.​

Let's take the first step towards your success.

Choose A Hosting Plan

For starting the process, Firstly Go To Bluehost Website. 

start WordPress blog

Now, Click on Get Started Now Button.

Bluehost knows their customer needs. So they have everything in their bag. Before you choose any plan let me introduce you with plans. their usage and their benefits also.​

select plan

To choose a plan is a critical mission and important task.


​Because When I start blogging with Bluehost, I choose single domain but then as the time passed I planned to start another blog also, For that, I purchased second hosting plan. So choosing an incorrect plan may lead your wastage of money only. So Be Wise, Choose Better.

List of plans that Bluehost provides and benefits (purpose) of each.​

  • starter: If you are planning to host a single blog or website then choose starter plan. The only number of domains are restricted to 1. All other benefits are restricted.
  • Plus: But If you want to host two or three domain at the maximum then you can choose the business plan. The only number of a domain are restricted all other benefits are unlimited.
  • Business Pro: But if you are planning to host blogs of your multiple clients, then you choose this option. You can host your multiple blogs on a single server. This will lead you towards great benefits.

On successfully choosing your plan, Bluehost will ask you:

Do you have already registered you domain name or you want to buy a new domain.

If you do not have any registered domain then select I want to buy a new domain name option as in the image below.

Register A New Domain Name:​

Enter your domain name idea and just check it out for availability of your name by clicking on next button.

sign up bluehost

When you select your domain name successfully. click on a next button.

Now just fill out all the contact details and payment information. Make sure you use your real details so that you can verify your account after purchasing hosting.

As you can see below, that same screen has some extra optional plan. It is up to you whether or not you purchase there, but I would generally recommend you the WHOIS privacy. Uncheck all other options.​​

package information

The question comes here Why it is required?

When you host a WordPress blog, there are many online websites that provide blog owner and server details by default. Then this information is public on hosting server.

Then What is the risk?

If you do not purchase privacy policy some cracker person can take your server details and try to hack. Defiantly Bluehost is full armed with a plugin that will not let him do. But why you should take a risk. Just for few penny.

​So my personal experience and advice for you ” You must take this privacy package”.

Now you are almost done. Uncheck all other option.

​Now, Fill out your payment details and click on next button.

Congratulations! You First two crucial steps is over.​

Now, on next page set your password for account. Please choose strong password.

You just need to configure your newly purchased Bluehost server for WordPress.

Let's take next step.

Install WordPress On Server:​

Now that you have purchased your domain name and hosting package you will get given access to something called cPanel.

To Use Cpanel.

  • Click on Login button. Enter your domain name and password. Make sure you're logging into "Hosting" not "webmail".

On successful authentication, Bluehost will present you your controller panel.​

Controller panel is a portal from where you can control your hosting. This cPanel is the central control system of management of self-hosting. This is the engine of your hosting and has a dozen of different icons that link.Each icon refers to some service or features that are available in your hosting account.​

At first, it will seem a litter overwhelming but don’t worry, this icon is not for your confusion. But these are for yourself- service and support.


​Here I'm going to show you how to install WordPress blog on Bluehost by yourself, You have the option to call Bluehost to do it for you. But I'll suggest you do to it yourself. Because it's you own blog. It will make you more confident.

Out of given various icons, you need to choose WordPress icon.​

Install WordPress on Bluehost

This is the amazing new software that lets you install WordPress on your host in just a few click.

Now, the next screen has a few option but is actually really simple.

​It will ask you to choose WordPress admin username and password. This will be required for login into WordPress portal. 

Note: Choose Your Admin username & password strong.​

Choose the option to create a database automatically. Because WordPress need a database (mySql) to store your blog data. To create schema table and other technical configuration.

Fill out the option making sure you use a complex username(not admin as username and password)

And you are done.

Once it has finished crunching the installation, it will give you a confirmation screening showing you unique WordPress login URL that will look like this.

this is also a security breach. This calls the devious mind to give a hack try on your blog. I strongly recommend you to change this default URL.

Now, Open your login URL ( This will take you to WordPress login page.

wordpress login

​Now, enter you Username and password and click on login button. You should now be looking at the WordPress dashboard. Sometimes blogger refers to this as the WordPress back-end. The front end is what your readers see, your normal blog site.

The back end is what you see – how you control what appears on the front end.

Install First WordPress Themes:

​Installing a WordPress theme is very easy. You have to just find out the "Appearance option" from the left side of menu.

Now, click on Themes. and search theme into the WordPress directory and choose according to your requirement. After choosing just click on install button.

​And congratulations! You have just installed your theme on your very own self-hosted WordPress blog.

Now, Your blog is ready.​

If you want to use any premium theme on your blog then you should read my this post before buying any theme. In this post 28 expert are sharing their best WordPress theme provider.

​Now, Next step is to install necessary plugins. Read out my this post:

Must Have WordPress Plugin.​

Any Question:​

If you have any queries and confusion related to How to Start WordPress Blog on Bluehost and hosting service and about their plans then you can ask me by doing comment.

  • Updated May 22, 2017
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