8 Best Ways To Monetize Blog in 2017: Complete Guide

Do you know how to monetize blog?
Do you know that how many ways you can earn money from your blog?

Hmm... I don't know your Answer.
But if your answer is Yes, then I'm sure you are going to learn something extra from this post.
AND if your answer is NO, then this post may be a golden post for you. Because in this post you're going to learn all of those ways from that you can start making money with your blog.

There are so many ways from that you can monetize blog. But here, I'll try to give you only those ways which are still active in the market. 

So, Let's start:

Best ways to Monetize Blog in 2017


Google AdSense:

​Very well-known and popular way for monetizing a blog. And I'm sure you already know about Google AdSense.

In Google AdSense, you have to simply put some ad code on your website or blog and whenever someone clicks on these ads then google pay you in the return.
But how much you will get from Google it totally depends on the niche & Keywords of your blog. 

To earn a good amount of money from Google AdSense you require a lot of traffic on your blog, Highest paying keyword articles.

If you are a beginner & want to monetize blog with Google AdSense then firstly you should focus on your content, traffic and after that think about Google AdSense.​



Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a way in which you promote someone else product on your website or blog either by a blog post or by placing some banner on your website.

You simply link to that product from your blog post or by banner and whenever someone purchase that product with your affiliate link, then you will get your commission.

But if you really want to earn some good amount of money through affiliate marketing then firstly you should setup your authority in the market. As much as you get high authority then it becomes easy to earn money with your blog.


Product Reviews:

Another most popular way to monetize blog. In this way, You recommend some products to your reader by writing reviews about them.

Actually, Writing a product review is a way of affiliate marketing on a blog.

If you want to earn money by writing product review then try to write only those product reviews about which you have personal experience or you're personally using.

Because Some beginners do this type of silly mistake. For earning some money they just write a review without having any knowledge of the product. If you're also doing this type of mistake then you're going to make your blog less trustable & profitable.

Recommend Guide for writing product Review:


Sponsored Post:

When you write blog posts for some brand or for some advertisement company and In return, these companies give you a money for publishing those post on your blog.

But writing a Sponsored post is not an easy task. In this, one thing that is most important and that is your experience & knowledge about that product.

So, If you want to earn money from sponsored post then firstly you should set up your authority & you should know about products.

​Recommend Guide for those who want to write Sponsored post on their blog.


By Selling Own Product:

Selling own product on a blog is another one way to earn money with blogging.

I'm sure you're now thinking about that what type of product you can sell on a blog.

Actually, There is no limit. Like if you're a good author or writer then you can write your own ebook and can start selling on a blog.

If you're a good programmer and having a developement knowledge then you can make your own software, Themes, Plugins, Tools or anything else & can start selling them on blog.​

These are the just two types of selling an own product. If you know anything that you can make and sell then just create a blog & start selling them on a blog.​ No matter either you make digital product & physical product. Just remember one thing that if you have any talent & skills then just start your own business .

Recommend Guide to earn money by selling an own product.


By Services:

If you have a good knowledge of your work and if you are capable to help someone from your work then you can start selling your knowledge to people.

Just start services about your work and sell those services to people. 

Like if you know that How to manage WordPress blog, WordPress themes & plugins then you can start services about them. It's totally up to you that how much you charge for your work.

To earn really good money from services you need quality and target traffic on your blog from that you can convert your daily visitor to permanent customers.​

Just remember one thing during service, Always give your best because work is one & only one thing that can increase your client and can help to earn more money.

Recommend Guide If you want to start your service business.


By Newsletter or build an email list

​One of the most important thing that you should implement from the first day of your blogging and that is try to build your email list.

Because the real money is always coming from the list.

Building an email list is not a direct way to earn money but if you have an email subscriber then it become easy to convert your subscriber to a customer.

These are the people who love to your blog, who want to connect with you, who trust on your recommendation. So whenever you recommend or suggest something to your subscriber then these are the people who buy that product.

Not necessary but chances are very high that they buy a product from your link.

So, Always try to increase subscriber either by giving some freebies, some solution, some services, some product. The more subscriber you have the more money you can earn through your blog.

Recommend Guide if you want to increase your email subscriber.


Banner Ads

If you are not happier with Google AdSense then you can try Banner ads way to earn money. 

In Banner ads, you have to place other people product banner on your blog or website. You can directly contact those people or you can use some advertisement company to place those banners. But to find advertiser is not an easy task so you can use some advertisement company for that.

BuySell ads are one such type of advertisement company. Just make an account on this website and fill all details of your blog. If your application is accepted then you can make a direct connection with advertiser. On BuySell ads, Advertiser finds best blogs to place their ads. And if they select your blog then you can earn some good amount of money from their ads.

If you really want to earn money by banner ads ( or by buySell ads) then first try to gain traffic and make authority blog. ​

Recommend Guide if you want to earn money with banner ads.


These are the best ways for monetizing a blog. Just apply one or two method at one time and see how it works. And after that choose some other methods.

Never apply all methods at one time.

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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