Must have WordPress plugins in 2017: Increase Your Blog Performance

Which are must have WordPress plugins on a blog for performance increasing?

Which plugins are best to use on my blog?

How much type of plugins should I use on my blogs?

Whenever we start thinking about plugins then these are the questions that come up in the mind firstly and we start searching for best and which one to use.

Actually, This process is normal. Everyone wants to get some expert guide about best WordPress plugins. And I’m sure you also one of them who wants to get an answer to these queries.

Normally, To select a best one plugin is not an easy task because in this you have to choose that plugin that can fulfill your requirement and do your work in an easy way.

So today, I’m going to give you a complete list of must have WordPress plugins for your blog. In this list, I’ll give you a two best WordPress plugins and after that my personal recommendation for those plugins.

Hope so this list will help you. And let me know which one plugin you are going to use on your blog out of this list.​


Must have WordPress plugins doesn’t mean that you should install all the plugins. Just choose plugin according to your requirement and use them on your blog.

Here, I’m dividing my full post into plugin category type, By which you can easily see the plugin which you want on your blog. So let’s start:


Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2017

WordPress SEO plugins.

SEO plugin by Yoast:

seo by yoast

One plugin that has the capability to convert your normal blog to search engine friendly blog and that is Yoast SEO. It can handle all of your small and big SEO technical issues very smartly.

Yoast SEO plugin provides two type of SEO setting- First one that controls your full blog setting and the second one that control your post/page wise setting.

To make your blog SEO optimized, you have to firstly set up this plugin. Normally, Setup of Yoast SEO is very easy but be careful during when you are going to change the setting.

Note: This is not means that the only plugin does all of the work for you. If you really want to get good search engine ranking then first one thing which is most important and that is your content. Plugin is just only a software which helps to fulfill all the criteria of a search engine.


  • Title & Meta description template.
  • Social profile setting and provide open Graph features.
  • XML sitemaps.
  • RSS.
  • Breadcrumbs setting.
  • advanced permalinks setting.
  • Import and export Seo setting tool.
  • robots.txt and .htaccess file edit tool.
  • provide per post, pages SEO control.
  • search console.

ALL in one SEO:

all in one seo

All in one SEO is another good SEO plugin. This plugin also provides almost same features as Yoast SEO. But they miss at some places where Yoast SEO win the bet.

But this is not mean that ALL in one SEO is not good. All in one SEO is the only free plugin which can compete with Yoast SEO.


  • XML sitemap support.
  • generate Meta tag automatically.
  • canonical URL support.
  • Post, pages SEO control.
  • Import and export setting tool.
  • Compatibility with other plugins.

My Personal choice:

My first choice in Must have WordPress plugins is WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. Yes, It’s a complete plugin package to make any blog to super SEO blog.

The first plugin which I used on my blog is ALL in one SEO but after some month, I switched to Yoast SEO. And my this decision make me feel happy.

So I would recommend to you SEO plugin by Yoast.

WordPress security plugin.

Security is one of the biggest issues in WordPress and in online businesses.

If you want to run your blog successfully then I would recommend that you should install security plugin from the very first day and apply all tricks which helps you to make your blog more secure.

Here, I am going to give you a two security plugin which are personally used by me.

All in one WP Security:

all in one wp security

I personally feel that All in one WP security is one of the best free WordPress security plugins.

All in one WP security provides a huge number of features like firewall protection, Brute Force etc. All in one WP security plugin is fully menu based plugin means that it is very easy to setup the plugin to make blog secure.

It gives many features which make it different from other plugin and it is also a free plugin. You can easily download from WordPress directory.


  • Protect user account – by changing default username, Stop user enumeration, change login name.
  • Protect user login account- against brute force attacks, Monitor failed login attempt, automatically locked out IP address, Add captcha to Login page.
  • Database security.
  • File system security.
  • .htaccess and wp-config.php file backup and restore.
  • Blacklist functionality.
  • WHOIS lookup.
  • Security scanner.
  • Miscellaneous.

Wordfence Security:


Another best WordPress security plugin is Wordfence. Wordfence performs a server-side scanning to check any malicious code in your website or blog.

With more than 1+ million download Wordfence security plugin proves that this plugin is also one of the top plugins in security plugins.

Wordfence security plugin also comes in the premium version, So if you want to increase your security features then you can buy this plugin.


  • Blocking features.
  • Login security.
  • Scanner functionality.
  • WordPress firewall.
  • Monitoring features.
  • Multi-site security.
  • IPv6 compatibility.
  • Caching features.

My Personal choice.

In past, I’ve used both of them but currently I’m using All in one WP security which makes my blog more secure and more powerful.

Yes, Wordfence is also a good plugin, but if you want to take my advice then I would recommend ALL in one WP security plugin. There is no doubt that security plugins is one of the most important plugin in must have WordPress plugins list.

WordPress cache plugin.

Website speed is another one big issue. If your blog is responding slowly then there may be high chances that you may lose lots of visitors, money, subscriber and much more things.

Normally, visitor wait just 4-5 second for opening any website. If the page is open in that time then visitor will read that post otherwise it might be possible that visitor clicks on a back button of your browser.

So, here I’ll give you a name of two best plugins that can help you to make your blog faster.

W3 Total cache.

w3 total cache

A W3 total cache plugin is one of the most trustable and one of the best WordPress cache plugin.

It provides many features that help to reduce your website loading time and respond quickly. W3 total cache plugin saves almost 80% bandwidth by minifying HTML, CSS, and javascript.

And also, recommend by many web host companies and by many successful bloggers.


  • Database minification functionality.
  • HTML, inline Javascript, inline CSS minification.
  • Compatible with shared hosting, virtual private, dedicated servers.
  • CDN support.
  • Browser caching.
  • Non-blocking javascript embedding.
  • Object caching.
  • Post, page caching.

WP Super cache:

wp super cache

The only one plugin which can compete with the W3 total cache plugin. It provides some fewer features than W3 total cache but it still a very good plugin.

WP super cache plugin generates static HTML file from your blog from that it save lots of time of the server.

WP super cache plugin served this static files to:

  • A user who are not logged in.
  • a user who have not left a comment on the blog.
  • user who have not viewed a password protected post.

WP super cache also provides PHP caching in three ways– Mod_Rewrite, PHP, Legacy caching.


  • PHP caching.
  • provide cache features for the known and unknown user.
  • cache rebuild.
  • CDN support.
  • Multiple caching types (Mod_rewrite, PHP, Legacy caching).

My personal choice:

Actually, Both of these plugins are my favorite. But it totally depends on your requirement.

WP super cache for:

  • ​If you are beginners in blogging.
  • If your blog is running on shared hosting.
  • Less knowledge of technical terms.

W3 total cache:

  • ​If you have a very good knowledge of technical terms.
  • Your blog is running on some big hosting service.
  • Last but not least if you are an expert in blogging. 

WordPress Social sharing plugin.

In blogging, people connection is very important to grow your blog. These are the people who follow you and your blog on the various social media platform.

So, If you want more engagement on social media then you have to do lots of work for increasing your social value.

Let’s check best WordPress social media plugins.

Monarch social sharing plugin.

monarch social media plugin

Best One social sharing plugin. Monarch social plugin provides both types of features — Follow icons and share buttons.

By using Monarch you can place the icon in the sidebar, above or below content, pop up, above images, fly-in.

If you have a very good social value like a number of followers and social sharing numbers then you can also show these numbers to your user.


  • Over 20 social networks.
  • 6 Automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers.
  • show or hide social count.
  • Responsive design.
  • Dashboard to check social activity.

Ultimate Social Deux WordPress plugin.

ultimate social duex

Ultimate social Deux plugin is another best one WordPress social media plugin. If you want to use light weight plugin on your website/blog then ultimate social Deux is the best solution for you.

Ultimate social Deux WordPress plugin provides many good features like 25+ social buttons, social counters, mobile friendly, Autoupdate, 20+ display location etc.

Other Features.

  • Custom social buttons.
  • Floating.
  • Shortcodes.
  • Many display options.
  • fully customizable.
  • Responsive.

My Personal choice:

Currently, I'm using inbuilt social sharing icons of Thrive themes. But, I have an experience of Monarch social media plugin.

So my first choice is Monarch plugin. If you want to buy some premium WordPress social media plugin then I would recommend Monarch.

There is also a free plugin which you can use on your blog and that is Sumo Me. This plugin is also great that provide many social network icons in their free version.

Best Email Subscription WordPress plugin.

If you really want to grow your blog or business then you should try to grow your email list.

The email list is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales, your conversion rate, productivity and lots of more.

Here, I’m going to give you a best WordPress optin plugin, All of these plugins are best.



OptinMonster is one of my favorite email subscription plugin. It helps to increase your subscriber and to convert your visitor to customers.

Majorly OptinMonster used in a popup but apart from the popup, you can place optinMonster in Slide-In, after post, Floating bar, Mobile and much more.


  • Popup, slide and many extra designs.
  • A/B testing idea.
  • Welcome, gate opt-in.
  • Monster effect.
  • Responsive Opt-in form.

Thrive Leads.

thrive leads

Thrive Leads is one of the most popular and most advanced email subscription plugin. Thrive leads are not any old type plugin to grow your email list.

Thrive leads provides a new advanced way like you can provide a user to download some copy of pdf but to download pdf they have to enter their email address that means if they want something from your blog or website then they have to join your email newsletter.

So it is a very new way to increase your subscriber.


  • PopUp lightbox.
  • Sticky ribbon.
  • In-Line forms.
  • Slide-in form.
  • Opt-in widget.
  • A/B testing.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • SmartLink features.

My Personal Choice:

No doubt, both plugins are very good. But my personal recommendation is Thrive Leads. If you are the one who want to use creative optin, popups then Thrive leads is the best solution for you.

So, now it’s up to you which one you want to use on your blog.

WordPress Backup plugin.

You do a lot of hard work for creating good quality content, to make your blog more profitable and more successful. But what you will do if your blog crashes in just one second without any information.

Then you have left no option to get your blog.

So to avoid this situation you should take backup of your website or blog. It’s necessary if you want to run your blog smoothly without any interruption.

Here, I am going to give you a two best WordPress backup plugins.

BackUp buddy:

More advanced and more demandable WordPress backUp plugin. By using Backup buddy, you can take backup of your WordPress blog in just a few minutes.

By backup Buddy, you can take backup of your database or your full website.

You can also schedule the backup process or you can take backup manually.


  • Local Backup.
  • site migration and restore feature.
  • Scheduling feature
  • Email notification.
  • Support multiple cloud storage services.



Another good Backup plugin for WordPress founded by Automatic company. ValutPress sync. can take back up of all of your WordPress content and full blog or website.

By using ValutPress, you can also secure your Blog by using scanning features. Vaultpress connect your site to valuePress server and do the scanning for your blog to take backup.


  • Monitor backup activity.
  • Scanning feature.
  • Restore backup automatically.
  • you can download your backup history.
  • Provide FTP and SSH information.

My Personal choice:

If you want to consider my choice then My choice is valutPress. ValutPress is a litter bit easy plugin, no need of any technical knowledge to take backup of your site.

Backup Buddy is also a great plugin but for me, ValutPress get more marks than backUp buddy.

WordPress Plugin to protect from spam comments.

Another biggest issues in blogging. Yeah, Spam comments.

Every blogger expect to get more and more comments on their blog. But what happen if you get all fake comments on your blog.

How you separate them and how you protect your blog from them.

To protect your blog from all spam comment, I’ll give you a two plugins name, boths are best to use.



Akismet is one of the my favorite plugin to protect blog from spam comments.

Akismet scans the comments and filters them from your admin area. To install and activate Akismet WordPress plugin, firstly you have to install it from WordPress directory and after that, you have to activate this plugin by Akismet API key.

To get API key you have to create an account on Akismet website.


  • Filter spam and non-spam comment.
  • In the free version, Akismet filters 50k comments. So if you are beginner then it is more than enough.
  • URL is shown in the comment body to reveal hidden links.
  • Block spam comment and save your disk space.


disqus comment

Another good plugin to protect spam comment. But after using this plugin your default commenting system is completely replaced by Disqus commenting system.

To get a guest comment on your blog, you have to change setting in Disqus.


  • Threaded comment and replies.
  • Subscribe and RSS options.
  • connect with the Disqus community.
  • Powerful moderation tools.
  • Notification and reply by emails.

My personal choice:

In this category, I would recommend to you is Akismet plugin. Very simple and very powerful plugin.

To protect blog from spam comment just activate this by entering API key and now leave it on Akismet plugin.

Others Essential List Of Must have WordPress plugins to make a successful blog.



Not only a plugin it’s a complete package. Jetpack offers many features to make a better blog like traffic stats, Security, Optimize images, Site monitoring, Sharing icons, publicly, related post, post by email, mobile themes and much more.

If you want to boost up your website and want to make your website more powerful then I strongly recommend you jetpack plugin.

So don’t think so much just install Jetpack plugin and increase the performance of your blog.

Broken Link checker:

broken link checker

This is one of the essential WordPress plugin. Broken link checker plugin checks your post URL, comments, and images for missing URL. If this found any broken link then this will notify you about them.

I strongly recommend this plugin for your blog.

Ewww image optimizer plugin:

ewww image optimizer

Image optimization is very important in terms of speed and for saving space on the server.

Ewww image optimizer plugin is the best plugin to optimize your blog images. To use this plugin just install and activate this plugin. After that, all work is controlled by this plugin itself.

By using this plugin you can also optimize already uploaded images by bulk optimize feature.


anti spam

Apart from Akismet and Disqus, Anti-spam is also one of my favorite plugin to protect blog from spam comment. For using this plugin you have to just install this and all other work is done by this plugin automatically.

Thirsty affiliate:

thirsty affiliate

One plugin that you should use from day one of your blogging and that is a thirsty affiliate. This plugin is basically an affiliate link cloaking plugin.

It hides all the ugly affiliate link into a smart link.


wp optimize

You do lots of things on your blog. Do you know that all of this work is store into your blog database? So to work properly, You have to optimize your database with time to time.

And for that WP-optimize plugin is best.​

Over To ​You:

There is no such limit on how many plugins you can use on Blog.

But, Remember one thing in mind, More numbers of plugins can down the performance of your blog. So, It is up to you which one plugin you want to use or which one not. But, always try to use less number of a plugin on the blog.

Bonus Tip: If you're the one who don't want to use many number of plugins on the blog then you can use Thrive Content builder plugin. One plugin that is equal to the number of plugins. For more information just see this image.


If you want to read the review of this plugin before using then you can read from Here.

Let me know that how many plugins you are using on your blog? And What you think about must have WordPress plugins means?

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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