StudioPress Affiliate Program Review: Earn more

In Blogging, There are lots of way from that you can monetize your blog and can earn some good amount of money like by displaying ads, by review post, by paid writing etc.

But, Out of all Blog monetization methods, Affiliate marketing is still one of the most successful and popular way for earning money with a blog.

What actually you have to do in affiliate marketing?
In affiliate marketing, you have to promote other people or company products on your blog either by writing review post, by placing banner, by recommendation etc. and whenever your visitor will buy that product then you'll get your commission from the company. Just Simple.

So today, I'm going to give you a complete guide about such type of affiliate program who are most demandable and popular in the market and that is StudioPress affiliate program. This affiliate program is most beneficial for those who are running a blog on a Blogging niche. Not necessary, Anybody can join StudioPress affiliate program to promote their product and to earn money.


What Is StudioPress & its Affiliate Program?

StudioPress is one of the most popular and successful WordPress theme providers in the market. They provide a World-class theme. 

If you'll search for best WordPress theme framework then you'll see one name and that is Genesis Framework. Yeah, Genesis framework is the product of StudioPress. They build their own Framework and all of the themes of StudioPress run only on Genesis.

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​StudioPress provide an affiliate program to their customers, to their reader for promoting their product. You can join their program and can promote on your blog or website. If your visitor or reader buy their theme through your link then you will get your commission.

studiopress affiliate

What you'll get as an affiliater

  • Commission: If you sell one theme then you'll get a 35% commission from StudioPress. The price of StudioPress themes varies from $24.95 to $349.95.
  • Two-Tier program: Upon each referral, you'll get a $1 for per sign up & 5% commission on each sale made by your referral.
  • Cookies: StudioPress track your affiliation link for 60 days. That means if someone click on your link and purchase item within 60 days then you'll get that a commission.
  • Banner & Links: StudioPress provides lots of banner and text links that you can place on your blog or website to promote their products.

How to Join StudioPress Affiliate Program 

For joining a StudioPress affiliate program, firstly you have to create an account on their network.

For creating an account just click on this link. This link will open a new form where you have to fill your information.

Actually, this form is controlled by ShareASale Affiliate Network because studioPress affiliate program is completely managed by ShareASale Network.

studiopress affiliate form

So, If you have already a ShareASale account then just login with your username and password. and complete the process.

But if you are new then you have to firstly create an account on their network. In this condition​, just fill up a sign up form and after that complete the process for joining a StudioPress affiliate program.

Bonus Tips:

​Read out some bonus tips for earning some cool money from StudioPress affiliate program.

  • Write Some Good Review Of Genesis Framework.
  • Write Some RoundUP post of Best Genesis Child Themes.
  • Write Resource or ToolBox and recommend Genesis Framework.
  • Can put banner on the blog to attract the visitors.
  • If you know some coding then build your own Genesis child theme and sell that theme.

Over to You:

If you want to earn money by promoting Genesis themes then just join there affiliate network & earn smart money from your blog.

But keep in mind that for earning good amount of money firstly you have to setup your authority, write some good quality review.​

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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