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Thrive Ovation Review
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Thrive Ovation

Reviewed By: Robin​

Published On: MAY 1, 2017

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Today, I'm going to give you a complete Thrive Ovation review (A new Testimonials WordPress Plugin from Thrive Themes) And not only a review but also that Why you need Testimonials and How Thrive Ovation can help you & Tutorials?

But, Before going into details Let's arise some conditions for why you need testimonials:

1. You're a completely newbie in the market and you want to sell something on your website that means you want to set up your online business.

But nobody knows about you, nobody trust on you.​

So, How you'll sell your first product? Why people give their money to you?

2. You're already selling some products on your website but you want to increase your conversion rate that means want to boost up your sale.

But don't know How? You're applying lots of strategies but not getting the good result.

3. Currently, You're not selling products but you want to setup your authority in the market that means you want to show the readers that you're a trustful person.

You're not selling your own product but doing some affiliate marketing and you're not getting any success in this.


In all of these three conditions, what's the main factor that can boost up your sales, can set up your authority?

Yes, The Trust factors.

And ​Testimonials is one of the most powerful way that can increase your trust factors, can increase your sales rate.

So, Now let's start with the Thrive Ovation features.​

Main Features of Thrive Ovation:

  • You can use Social Media feedback as testimonials and can directly import them into your post/page.
  • Can Use Comments as testimonials and can ask for permission through emails. Read below how you can import testimonial through comments?
  • Collect testimonials through landing page, post, optin-forms.
  • Can add testimonials manually.
  • Several Pre-build testimonials template.
  • Customer accepted testimonials.
  • You can place testimonials anywhere (post/pages).
  • Can generate static and dynamic testimonials.

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Thrive Ovation Review and Tutorials 2017

Thrive Ovation Dashboard and How It Look:

On Thrive Ovation Dashboard, you can see the status of each testimonial like active testimonials, rejected testimonials, Awaiting Review, Untagged Testimonials And the list of all Testimonials.

thrive ovation dashboard

Through the dashboard, You can configure testimonials through emails and through a landing page.

If you want to see the twist in your selling and want to show some real feedback about your products on your website then I must say that you should try to thrive ovation.

Thrive Ovation Tutorials

1. ​How To Add Testimonials manually?

Just go to Thrive ovation and click on Add New.​ Now, Just fill up the information like Title of Testimonial, Full name, Email address, Role, Website, Tags and feedback content, Upload picture.

After that click on Add Testimonial.​

new testimonials

You can add this testimonial into your post/page in two ways: Through shortcodes and Through Thrive content builder.

For this just Go To TCB> Thrive Ovation (in thrive elements) > ​Display Testimonials > Select Template.

testimonials template

And click on save button.

Now, Choose what you want to generate static testimonials or dynamic testimonials.

In static testimonials: For adding more testimonials, you have to update page manually.​

In dynamic testimonials: You have to select the tag and whenever you'll add the testimonials with tag it'll automatically update the testimonials page.​

2. How to Add Testimonials from comments, Email & from Social Media

From Comments:​ Go To Comments > click on "+" (Add to Testimonials).

After that It'll automatically fetch all information like name, email address, comments, Picture.

fetch testimonials from comment

If you want to ask the customers for permission then you can send them an email by enabling email permission.

For getting Testimonials through emails, just go to thrive leads > Generate Form  and ask the user to send you a feedback or testimonials. And after that import those testimonials into your page.

For importing testimonials from social media, Integrate your social media account in thrive ovation. and after that just import your Facebook/Twitter feedback or testimonials into your page.

through social media

3.  Auto-pilot Testinomials

Go To Thrive Content builder > Thrive ovation  (Through TCB Elements) > Capture Testimonials > Select template.

capture testimonials

4. How to Select Testimonials Template.

Just go to Thrive Ovation element in TCB > Thrive Ovation elements > choose Template.

testimonials template

Over to you:

If you're selling something on your blog and want to increase conversion OR you want to show that what other people are saying about you then you can try this plugin.​ 

If I have to suggest one best WordPress testimonials plugin ​then I would recommend Thrive Ovation. 

Thrive Ovation Review

Get This Plugin Only In $39

  • Updated May 18, 2017
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