Thrive Themes Review 2017: Is It good for your blog [Crucial Points]?

Thrive Themes Review

A Conversion Focused WordPress Themes


A very Good In Performance.


With In Affordable Price.


Best for Niche Blog.


Awesome Support Team.

I Like

  • Every theme is Fully SEO & Speed Optimized.
  • Lots of Shortcodes.
  • Responsive & Clean Design.
  • Inbuilt opt-in and Focus area.

I Don't Like

  • Script file of Social Icons.
  • Can't change the header style.
  • Grid layout is not so good.

Summary: Thrive themes is one of the best theme provider for WordPress lovers. They provides only 10 Themes (Quality is more important then Quantity). But from my personal experiences, all of these themes are really good in coding quality, design, creativity and clean.

Thrive developers build their theme specially for those who want to convert their visitors/readers into the permanent customers and want to increase sales rate. They build all of their themes are conversion focus.

In this Thrive Themes review post, I'll try to give all the reasons that make Thrive Themes more special for me and for you also.

From: $49 (For Single Site) & $67 (For Unlimited Sites)

In the journey of my blogging life I have used so many themes on my blog. Some are free and some are paid.

And my first paid theme that I used on my blog was from the mythemeshop theme (Newsonline) but as the time passed, I realize that this theme is not doing my requirement fulfill that what I actually want from my theme.

But after lots of research on themes, one day I found Thrive themes. And seriously from that day I'm using Thrive theme on my blog.

I also did some mistake in the starting as the normally beginners do. Changing a theme again and again was one of my mistakes.

But after using Thrive theme I realize that no one theme can be best for my blog as thrive theme.

Now, Come to the next point how Thrive themes helps me to make my blog more creative and more powerful. And how you can also change your normal blog to like an authority blog. In this Thrive Themes review post, I'll tell you the exactly what you will get from the Thrive themes if you buy their themes.


Thrive Themes Review: Best Themes For niche blogs

Thrive theme are specially design themes for affiliate marketer, blogger, Business, magazine/news type of websites. You can choose any theme according to your requirement.

Thrive theme provides a fully functional admin dashboard from that you can control your Thrive Themes products. Just see:

thrive dashboard

This is the main dashboard from that you can control the setting of products, can change the fonts, can add the icons, Connection with API's like email marketing system, reCaptcha and more.

Another dashboard for Thrive Themes Setting. Now, Just see:​

thrive option

You can change style and layout, can upload logo & Favicon, Comment setting, related post and much more.

Thrive themes developers develop only 10 themes and I'm sure you'll thinking about the number of themes.​

But don't think about the quantity just think about the quality of themes, quality of their coding.​

Just take a quick overview of Features of Thrive theme:

  • Speed Optimized Themes.
  • Responsive design.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • visual theme customizer.
  • Customizable header.
  • Fully support.
  • Extensive Admin option.
  • Font manager.
  • Different Blog Layouts.
  • Social follow and share icons.

What you will get if you buy Thrive themes:

Apart from above-given features, there are also another features which you can only know after buying themes. But don't worry. Here, I'll give you a full detail of every functionality.

Fully menu based Admin Dashboard:

In admin dashboard you will get 10 type of settings like:

General setting:

In a general setting, You can upload logo and favicon in your blog. You can also change the position of logo Either on the side or at the top of the navigation menu.

If you select side position, then navigation menu will be show on the right side of a logo and if you select the top of menu, then navigation menu will be show in the bottom of a logo.

In a general setting, you can also control the breadcrumbs and relative time ( Two formats for time (date/month/year) OR ( .... days ago) ).

Style and Layout of blog:

Thrive themes provide 5 type of different color scheme ( Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange). You can select any one color to make your theme beautiful.

different color of theme

In layout setting, you can also change the layout of your blog like full width, Grid full width, Grid sidebar, masonry sidebar, Masonry full width.

grid layout

In style and layout section you can also apply your custom CSS on your theme (if you want to change the look and feel of theme according to your requirement).

Blog setting:

In blog setting, you can choose featured image style (wide, thumbnail, no image).

You can also show/hide the featured images on a single post.

If you want to show Author name, Post category, Tag, Date, Date type (publish date, last modified date) then you can change it from meta info section.

Thrive theme also provide inbuilt author box, next/previous post option.


To increase the performance of blog, thrive theme use a lossy & lossless technique to improve the image optimization. This technique generally reduces the size of images during the image uploading.

Thrive theme use one more factor to improve performance and that is lazy load comments.(loads comments only when visitor scroll down the page).


In Thrive theme, you can turn on/off the number of comment counter. If you want to show the number of comment per post to your visitor then you can use this features.

In Thrive theme, you can highlight the author comment like this.

author comment

Apart from default commenting system they also provide Facebook comments. So if you want to enable Facebook comment then you can easily do this.

Social media:

Thrive themes provides both type of icons (Follow icon and share icons). You can use both of them. There is no need to use any other plugin for this. This is default functionality of Thrive themes.

Related post:

Thrive theme, provides related post features. You can show your blog related post below content. You can also set the number of posts (how many numbers of a post you want to show in related post section).

These are the few function that you will get in thrive themes admin dashboard.

Another most important parts of Thrive themes that I like most is that

Thrive shortcodes, Thrive column, Thrive opt-in and Focus area, pre-formated page template.

Let's talk about Thrive shortcodes and thrive column:

Thrive themes developers provide a very wonderful feature and that is shortcodes. By using these shortcodes you can easily customize your post. You can easily make your post more creative.

Just take a look at Thrive shortcodes and some example out of them.


You can start counter for some deal, product launching and for any reason.


Number counter:


Follow me button between post:

Recent/Popular post:

Headline Heighlight

Demo Video:

These are only very few. I can't give all of these features in one post. So just take a look at this image and just imagine how much you can do with only this theme shortcodes.


Thrive column makes this features more powerful. By using thrive column you can easily divide the page into halves, thirds, fourths.


Pre-formated Page template:

Thrive themes provide 3 Homepage template, 5 landing page template ( Sales page, lead generation page, Video generation page, Email confirmation page, Thank you page).

This is all about what you will get from Thrive theme if you are going to buy their theme.

Now, Just take a look at some themes from Thrive Themes.

Rise WordPress theme:

rise theme

Rise is a fully responsive WordPress theme design especially for who want to give an elegant look to their website.

In Rise theme, you can add the subscription box below the header of a theme. This box will be shown on the every blog post.

Rise themes come with every required featured which is helpful to increase sales and revenue of your business.

Performag WordPress theme:


Performag is a magazine style WordPress theme. This theme is specially designed for all of those bloggers who want to increase their user engagement, social share and ad revenue.

Performag is a fully Adsense optimized theme.

Focus Blog WordPress theme:


Focus Blog is my favorite theme. Currently on Mayifix. I'm also using Focus blog theme. This theme is specially designed for all of those bloggers who want to show their blog like an authority blog.

Focus Blog is also fully Adsense optimized theme. In Focus blog theme you will get all features that can make your blog more profitable.

These are the just few themes but if you want to explore more theme then you can go the thrive theme website.

Now come to those three points which I don't like of Thrive Themes.

  1. Social script: Thrive themes use the inbuilt social icons. They used some script file to load facebook like and twitter follow button. These can put some impact on your website speed. But not too much. I don't think that this is a major problem. You can use any other Social media plugin to solve this problem.
  2. Header style: I don't know what you required from a theme. But if you want to show old header style then you can't do with this theme. But Thrive theme give another solution for that. You can change the position of logo either on the left side or on the top of the menu.
  3. Grid Layout: Thrive themes provide full-width, with sidebar, masonry grid layout. But, according to me this is not so cool feature. Because after changing layout to grid layout blog look like old fashion style.

These are the three points which I don't like But these three is not a major problem. Just take a look at all other features which make Thrive themes more powerful and creative.

Bonus Tip: Thrive themes also provide a drag & drop page builder and that is Thrive Content builder. By using TCB you can add more creativity and more own custom designs to the post. If you are going to use thrive themes then I strongly recommend to you Thrive Content Builder. I'm also using Thrive Content builder.


If you want to know my opinion, Then I strongly recommend Thrive themes to you. If you want to make high authority blog, commission oriented Blog then Thrive theme may be the best solution for you.

Let's quick recap the features.​

  • Creative Header Design.
  • Logo position functionality.
  • Multi-color & Multi Layout.
  • Featured Image (ON/OFF, Size)
  • Meta Info( Author name, Last modified date, published date, category, tag,)
  • Inbuilt author box.
  • Previous/next post link.
  • Post content/post excerpt.
  • Read More button/text.
  • Lots of widget.
  • 3 Column Footer.
  • Header/body script.
  • Image/comment optimization.
  • Comment counter/Highlight author comment, Facebook comment.
  • Social media button (Follow, share).
  • Related post.
  • Thrive Opt-in.
  • Thrive Focus Area.
  • Pre-formated pages.
  • Thrive Shortcodes.
  • Thrive Column.

Thrive Themes comes at very cheap price $49 per theme. So, what you are now thinking after reading this Thrive Themes Review? Are you going to buy Thrive theme or not?

Share your opinion with me and If you any question then feel free to ask me by doing comment.

thrive themes

To make High authority blog, For converting a visitor into the customer, Thrive Theme is one & only one solution. If I have to start a one new authority blog then I surely pick Thrive themes. No doubt.

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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