WordPress for Business Websites [infographic]: 19 Reason you should switch

​Today, I'm going to give you a complete information about WordPress (One of the top content management system) that why you should pick WordPress for business? & if you have already some business website then why you should now change your website platform to WordPress.

wordpress for business website infographic

So, What I'm assuming here on the behalf of you?

Here, I'm putting you into the three conditions​, Just match your condition and start learning about that how WordPress can help you in business growth.


In first one condition, I'm assuming that you simply want a website for your business like everyone want. Nothing more else.


In the Second condition, You're a some local businessman and now you want to connect your business with the internet.


In the third condition, You want to make your business as an international brand in the world & for that, you want a powerful website.

So, In which condition you're putting yourself? do comment.

Now, Let's start the journey that:

Why WordPress for Business websites​


​1. WordPress is Free:                         

                                                Free!        Free!         Free!

free wordpress

Yeah, WordPress is free of cost. You don't need to pay anything for running a website on WordPress. You simply need a domain name ( A name for your business or business website) & and one server.

Now, I'm sure you're thinking about that if I have to pay for domain & server then how WordPress is free?​

Actually, WordPress is just a script file that you have to install on your server. And there are no fees for installing WordPress. After purchasing a server & domain, You'll get an inbuilt option in cPanel for installing WordPress script file.

There is no matter, either your business is small or big, WordPress remains always free.​

2. Easy To Setup ( No Extra Work Required):

For installing WordPress you don't need to do something extra. You can easily install this script file on your server within one click. WordPress gives you a two option for doing this. 

​First one through cPanel and the second one through FTP. 

In cPanel, Just simply search WordPress script file and click on that. Next, Enter your website/blog name & all other essential information and click on install. Now you're done.​ Just simple.

install wordpress

In FTP (File Transfer Protocol), download WordPress file from WordPress.org and upload unzip folder onto the server through FTP access. And that's it.​

Both ways are easy. But if you're beginner then I prefer first way. First way is super easy. You don't need any technical knowledge for that.​ You can select Bluehost hosting. They provide one click installation of WordPress.

3. Open Source:

Do you know that WordPress is open source & what's the meaning of this?

If yes, then you're absolutely​ right.

WordPress is an open source platform that means you can use it anywhere for anything without any cost & without any license fees. No matter, either you want to start some blog, some small business website or some big brand website there are no fees for starting a website on WordPress.

​Actually, Open Source means you have the freedom to study, run software anywhere, improvements, to change or anything else that you want to do.

And from my point of you, open source license is a great thing like if you want that something grows very ​rapidly then just make it Open source. So what you think about the Open source. Is it good for product growth or not? Share your opinion with me by doing comment.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

​If you're going to choose WordPress for business website/blog then there is no need to think about SEO. Because WordPress is itself SEO optimized. WordPress comes with the perfection of each & every section that make it more search engine friendly. Just take a look at this video of Matt Cutts. What he is saying about WordPress in this video.

There are several ways in the WordPress from that you can increase your search engine presence. And among all of those ways, one way that is most popular in the market is by installing SEO plugin. And In SEO plugin, there is one name that you should consider during WordPress blog and that is SEO Yoast. No need to install any other plugin, if you have this one. If you want to learn more about WordPress SEO then you can learn this beautiful article written by Yoast SEO: The Definitive Guide to a higher rank for WordPress sites.

5. Strong Community & Support:

​No one can beat the support community of WordPress. There are lots of people who are standing there for your help. As a normal WordPress user, you can ask your queries, your problems, can ask for support and for anything in the WordPress support forum. 

support forum of WordPress

​As I'm said that WordPress is an open source community so everybody is always ready to help other peoples, to share their knowledge, to give their opinion.

6. ​Self-hosted:

As I'm said in the beginning, WordPress is a self-hosted platform that means you need a server to host your blog.​ In the Self-hosted blog you can manage your domain & server, can make your email account, can see then CPU and memory usage and much more. 

In self-hosted blog/website, All control is in your hands. There is no need of some third party to handle all of these stuffs.​ You're the own boss and manager in the self-hosted blog.

7. Multi-Language:

No matter, In which country you're living. WordPress is always available for you in your local language. Yeah, WordPress support multi-languages. 

multi language

​For some languages- WordPress is fully translated but for some, they are still incomplete. But hope so, in future they'll translate into all languages. If you want to see the WordPress supportable languages then click here- Translated Language.

8. Secure:

If you're searching for some secure platform that is able to protect your business then WordPress may be the best solution for you out of all content management system.

Nothing is fully secure in this universe but WordPress always try to provide the better secure platform. There are other several factors which can make your blog secure and powerful like- Never use nulled theme & plugins on your blog, Use some good quality of WordPress security plugin ( they add some more configuration in your blog), Use good hosting service, Strong Password and much more. So, it is up to you that how much you want to make your website/blog secure.

Security is always is in your hand. Either you break it or maintain it. If you want to learn more about WordPress Security then you can​ learn from here. Hardening WordPress

9. Timely Updated:​

Well, Updating process is another one important thing for any business growth. No matter which type of product you're using for your business but you should consider their updating factor. How many times they update their product and what are the factors in which they update their product and system. 

And, If you are using WordPress for your business platform then no need to worry about Updating factor. Because WordPress always remain updated with time. They always perform small & big update time to time either it is related to security, Performance, functionality or anything else.​ 

WordPress also provides great features in their platform- they also notify you about Themes and plugin. So, need to check your theme or plugin is up to date or not. WordPress will give you a notification automatically.​

10. Multi-User:

If you want to make your business website as a multi-user site Or you want to add more persons to your business- who can control your website, manage your website, can do something into your website then there is a great functionality for you.

Yes, WordPress support multi-user. You can add some people and can give the different role to each one. Like:

Administrations: For accessing and management of the business website.

Editor: For post management who can edit and publish of post on your business website.

​Author: who can write/edit & manage their own post.

Contributor: Who can write and manage their own post but can't publish them.

Subscriber: Who can manage their profile. ​

If you want to learn more about Multi-user features then you can learn from here: WordPress user role​

​11. Pre-built Template: 

If you're using WordPress then there is no need to worry about the design of your website. Because in WordPress, there are lots of pre-built templates that you can use on your website. You can easily find out those template in WordPress theme directory. And all of these themes are free to use. No cost for using on the website.

wordpress themes

But if in some cases, you don't want to use these themes and you want some custom design or you want to use some third party theme on your website/blog then there is also an option for you. WordPress gives you an option from that you can upload your own design custom theme or some third party WordPress theme. No limit on such type of things. 

If you want to consider my recommendation then you can check these four WordPress theme provider themes. All of these are best in their industry and into their type.

12. Enhanced functionality by Plugins:​

One feature of WordPress that I love most is that you can enhance the functionality of your website by using plugins. Either you want to use social plugins, security plugins, management plugins, SEO plugins, Cache plugins or anything else you can use any type of plugins that you want to use. And all of these plugins of WordPress directory are free to use.


And, again one another thing that WordPress also support third p​arty premium plugin. You can buy some premium plugin according to your requirement and can use on your website without any problem like I'm using Thrive Content builder (premium plugin) on my blog.

13. Flexibility in Hosting Provider:

As you know that to run any business website/blog on WordPress you need a web host ​& you selected the best one for your business. But what happen if you just want to change your hosting provider. Is there any possibility in WordPress?

The Answer is Yes, you can change your hosting provider anytime, anywhere without any downtime or without any problem. There may be any reason for you either your current hosting provider not capable to handle your traffic or you are getting so much downtime. But in WordPress, there is no such limitation. Change your host anytime when you want. If you want to learn that how to change hosting provider without downtime then you can read this WPBeginner article.

14. Convert normal website to membership type:

If you want to run some membership type business then there is also a solution for you. In WordPress, You can easily create a membership site and can earn some more money from your website. 

By doing this, you can restrict the user to access your content. Only a member of your website can access and read your content other people can't.​ And if someone want to access your content then they have to pay for membership. If you want to learn more about How to create membership site on WordPress, then you can read this article by Nina Cross.

15. Schedule post:

How much time you're going to give to your business, to write some valuable content, for sharing content on social media? I know this is a little bit time-consuming task in business.

But, here is a solution for you that WordPress provides you. If you're a busy person and can't remain online every time then you can schedule your post in WordPress. Just enter the time for scheduling a post and that's it.

By using this feature you can save your time and can also increase the productivity of your business.​

16. Support Multiple types of business:​

What type of businessmen you are and what type of business website you want to build on WordPress?

real estate

Either you want to make some product review website, affiliate marketing website, e-commerce website, ​Real estate, food website, online shopping website or anything else you want to build. WordPress support every type of business and there is a various solution from that you can make your business more powerful.

17. Save your money:

By using WordPress, you also going to ​save your money. How?

WordPress required just one-time installation & after that there is no need to ​pay for WordPress. All maintenance, updates is free of cost. You have to spend money only on the domain and hosting Not on WordPress. 

If you are using WordPress, then there is also no need to hire some developers or service provider to manage your website.

18. ​Easy to use:

​No expertise is needed for using WordPress. WordPress perform each & every function within just one click. Either you have to publish a post, do some changing in setting, add some user or to change profile, everything happended is in just one click. 

19. Mobile Responsive:​


No matter, either you're using WordPress on a computer or on a mobile device. WordPress will remain same. You can easily manage your website through your mobile phone. WordPress provide the user-friendly dashboard from that you can easily control your website from any device without any problem.

One another thing that you never need to worry about responsive theme because almost every theme of WordPress is fully responsive and you can use those theme​ on your website. but for precaution firstly check that your website theme is responsive or not.


According to me, WordPress is the best solution for your business website. And if you are going to choose WordPress for business then I'm sure you'll never regret your decision. 

So, What you think about WordPress? Is it beneficial for Business website or not? Share your experiences with me. 

  • Updated May 5, 2017
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